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Julia Quinn


Author Spotlight: Julia Quinn

Some people would think that being a senior at Harvard College would be quite a good reason to feel motivated and committed to a specific future. This wasn’t the case for Julia Quinn when she found herself feeling depressed because she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life.

For a minute, she was thinking that law school was a good idea, but she felt that lawyers would usually not be perceived as likable people. Being someone who liked to have good relationships with people. She also considered business school, but that idea was also quickly dismissed.

Then it came down to medical school and it seemed like this idea clicked in her head. When she found out how long it would take for her to even get into medical school, she knew she needed to do something while she took a bunch of science classes just to apply.

This was a key moment that led to the beginning of her successful career as a writer. She decided to write a romance novel and she quickly found out that two publishing houses started a bidding war over her first two books.

Hearing this encouraged her to postpone the idea of going to medical school for a year. She wanted to focus on the process of writing a third novel. That led to the second year of postponing medical school to write her fourth book.

She had a bit of a change of mind and tried going back to the process of applying to med school, but she quickly realized that it was time to forget about this idea. She found writing to be her true calling and she never looked back again.

Her love for romance novels

There is a misconception that smart women would never read romantic novels and that is definitely one myth that Julia loves dispelling. Romance novels have shown to be a very appealing subject for smart women with very demanding professions.

The main thing to remember is that romance is universally appealing, but it can also be quite stimulating for the intellect. The Bridgerton series is massively popular and it proved to be good enough to be turned into a TV show back in 2020. There is also a second season of the show on Netflix that premiered on March 25 of 2022.



She is the #1 New York Times Bestselling Romance Author and it is truly a pleasure for us to have her books in our collections.

Julia’s books include:

·        The Viscount who loved me

·        The Duke & I

·        An Offer from a Gentleman

·        When he was Wicked

·        Romancing Mister Bridgerton

·        To Sir Phillip, with Love

·        It’s in His Kiss

·        On the Way to the Wedding

·        The Wit and Wisdom of Bridgerton

·        The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown

·        Lady Whistledown Strikes Back

·        Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron, a Graphic Novel

Why do we recommend this Julia’s work?

There are many authors that are able to create one or two books that stand out, but Julia Quinn has reached a whole other level with her Bridgerton series. These are incredibly appealing books from beginning to end and this is why we even dedicate a section at Once Upon A Book Club to this series alone.

We love having Julia Quinn’s work at Once Upon A Book Club

There is nothing more satisfying for us than working with top authors that show a level of creativity that is truly outstanding. Every time we recommend a book by Julia Quinn, we know that the appeal is going to be massive. This is one of the reasons why we are featuring her in this article.

Get to know more about Julia and her outstanding novels here!


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