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Receive an exclusive, special edition, hardcover copy of On the Way to the Wedding by Julia Quinn! This edition includes the special edition artwork on the cover, spine, and back cover and custom end papers.

About the book

On the Way to the Wedding is a captivating romance that revolves around the entangled love lives of Gregory Bridgerton and Lady Lucinda Abernathy. Gregory, unlike many of his peers, holds a firm belief in true love, convinced that he will recognize his future bride at first sight. This belief seems to manifest when he meets the enchanting Miss Hermione Watson and immediately falls for her, thinking she is the one. However, Hermione is in love with someone else, leading to an unexpected twist.

Lucy, Hermione’s pragmatic and devoted best friend, sees the folly in Hermione’s romantic choice and decides to intervene by helping Gregory win her over. As Lucy and Gregory collaborate, Lucy finds herself unexpectedly falling for him. Complicating matters further, Lucy is already engaged, bound by a commitment orchestrated by her ambitious uncle who refuses to dissolve the arrangement.

As the story unfolds, Gregory realizes that Lucy, with her vibrant personality and intelligence, is his true love. But with the wedding fast approaching, Gregory faces the daunting challenge of altering their fates. He must confront social expectations, familial duties, and his own heart to ensure that when he kisses the bride, it is Lucy who stands beside him at the altar. This tale weaves a story of love's unpredictability and the lengths one will go to for a chance at happiness with the one they truly love.

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I love Once Upon a Book Club. Each month offers a book with a collection of gifts that bring the words on the pages to life. My collection is growing and I even had to purchased new book shelves. I love the boxes!

Mitzi V.
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Once Upon a Book Club is a reader’s delight. The concept of this book box is so unique, it combines your love of reading with the joy opening presents.

Darrie D.
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The gifts truly bring the story to life and perfectly match what’s happening in the story. For example-the main character might have gotten a bracelet from her best friend in the story. And then you get that bracelet as a gift! It’s so fun because it’s an immersive experience.

Monique B.
Elmhurst, IL

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