An aframe cabin in the woods with a white girl in a plaid scarf standing in front of it looking around and enjoying nature. The words Phone Down, Heart Open are written across the top and the words Adult Hint are written along the bottom of the image.

The Adult Hint

We are so excited to present our June Adult hint - Phone Down, Heart Open!📱❤️

From the bestselling author of Meet Me in the Margins comes an insightful tale that inspires personal growth and learning to enjoy things in the moment.

With her millions of followers, she is adored around the world. But when an app partnership goes very, very wrong, she suddenly finds herself shunned from the community that not only fed her soul all these years but paid her bills. When her uncle offers her a position on his staff at a small national park in Montana to get away from the city, she hesitantly accepts the opportunity.

What she doesn’t realize is that as their new social media strategist her goal is to save the park by boosting their annual number of visitors through fun posts and social media engagement. Unfortunately, at least one of her new colleagues thinks social media is the root of everything that’s wrong with the world and makes her goals that much harder to reach.

Written with the author's signature wit and charm, this story will melt readers’ hearts while reminding us to put down our phones and live life to the fullest. A story that may just inspire you to change your life, this book will be paired with four adorable gifts that will bring the best moments right into the palms of your hands.

On sale now through June 14th (or until we sell out) this box is not one to miss. Snap a pic for the 'gram while you can and subscribe now! Boxes are expected to ship at the end of June.

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The Young Adult Hint

We are thrilled to present our June Young Adult hint, Ursula Awakens! 🧜🏾‍♀️

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A stunning debut in line with the classic fairy tale The Little Mermaid and the mythological adventure Lore by Alexandra Bracken, take a journey of loss, love and vengeance, into the life of one of fairy tales' most famous villains.

Once Upon a Book Club is also so pleased to announce that this title will be the first Young Adult Exclusive Edition!

Special Edition Details
🔱 A stunningly redesigned, custom dust jacket
🧜🏾‍♀️ Gorgeous foiling on the hardcase
🔱 Beautiful stenciled edges
🧜🏾‍♀️ Fully custom end papers
🔱 A matching signed bookplate from the author

A mermaid banished from their kingdom by her brother as he tries to keep his throne. A curse that turns her human and strips her of her magic. A warning that if she ever returns, she will become a monster.

After washing up on the shores of Atlantis, a kind merchant helps her to build a life on land. Finding a place in the Atlantean army, she is finally given the chance to become the warrior she believes she can be, and when she discovers a powerful trident that could restore her path home is within her grasp, she must make the hardest choice of all. But legends are powerful forces and her true identity must stay a secret, for fear of the humans who would burn her if they discovered what she truly was.

A stunning and original tale of a villain we all know and loathe, this a perfect beach read for those eager to be part of that world.

On sale now through June 14th (or until we sell out), this a box that makes all the creatures happy under the sea! Don't miss your chance! Boxes are expected to ship at the end of June.

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A copy of the book The Wolf of Cape Fen stands on a dock with a ship in the harbor behind it. The sky looks to be sunset.

The Middle Grade Theme

We are so excited to share our June Middle Grade theme, Journey of the Wolf! 🐺

This month's featured novel is The Wolf of Cape Fen by debut author, Juliana Brandt!

For as long as anyone can remember, Baron Dire has haunted Cape Fen come winter, striking magical bargains and demanding unjust payment in return. The Serling sisters know better than to bargain, lest they find themselves hunted by the Baron’s companion, the Wolf.

Then the Wolf attacks Eliza's sister Winnie. The Wolf only attacks those who owe the Baron Dire, and Winnie would never bargain, so that must mean that someone has struck a deal with Winnie as the price. Eliza embarks on a journey to save her sister and discovers a complicated web of bargains that cross all of Cape Fen. If Eliza can learn the truth, she might be able to protect her sister, but the truth behind the bargain could put her own life in danger.

An exciting adventure full of mystery and magic, this box will include some incredible gifts that will bring this great children's book to life!

On sale now through June 4th (or until we sell out!) this box is not one to be missed! Boxes are expected to ship in early June.