Adult Hint

A M/F couple stands together in front of a lake. The sun is behind them so they are silhouetted against the background. In their silhouette are the words Steer Your Own Dreams.

The Adult Hint

We are so thrilled to share our October Adult hint - Steer Your Own Dreams! 🌴☀️

This month's adult title will be another gorgeous and EXCLUSIVE OUABC Experience Edition including:

🌴 A custom dust jacket designed by the OUABC team
☀️ Beautiful digital edges
🌴 Unique foiling on the hardcase
☀️ Stunning custom endpapers
🌴 Hand signed bookplate from the author

Who hasn’t fantasized about finding a soulmate? Acclaimed author of Twice a Quinceañera shares a charmingly romantic adult novel where a young woman's perfect partner appeared to her in a dream, and now she must search some unusual places—including the truths hidden within her own heart...

She has it all—a thriving career she loves, a successful boyfriend, and a wedding to plan—when he finally proposes. So why does she feel like there is something missing? Her current boyfriend even has the right initials—the JR that appeared to her years ago, in a dream visitation from her beloved, wise abuela.

When a business trip to Puerto Rico presents itself, she is quick to take it. She can finally scatter her abuela’s ashes on the beach, as she wished. And maybe time apart will remind her boyfriend how much she means to him. But in Puerto Rico, she finds something—well, someone—else. A man who makes her heart beat triple-time—and who feels as right as someone Fated—except for those nagging initials...

Brimming with the magic of old San Juan and la Isla del Encanto, this story is the perfect read for anyone who has longed for a legendary love story that transcends time and distance—and the powerful magic of steering their own dreams.

On sale now through October 15th (or until we sell out), this heartwarming tale takes you on the perfect getaway as the weather starts to cool. Boxes are expected to ship in late October.

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