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Once Upon a Book Club

Digital Gift Cards

Give the gift & freedom of Once Upon a Book Club to the readers in your life to choose their reading experience!


    About our Gift Cards

    Our Once Upon a Book Club digital gift cards are a brilliant way to give the gift that keeps on giving. Bringing books to life is what we do best, and our incredible collections will have something for everyone.
    We have various denominations from $5 to $500; the choice is yours. Reading is the one pleasure we have left in life that stirs our imaginations and transports us into unknown worlds from the comfort of our homes. There is an abundance of choice, from our monthly book subscription boxes for adults, young adults, and middle graders through to stationary, jewelry, and so much more.
    Gift cards are the gift of choice and a brilliant way to ignite an interest in reading. With so many unique bookish gifts and books with custom-designed covers, even the most difficult relatives will find something they love.
    At Once Upon a Book Club, we are all about taking reading to another level. We are proud of our carefully selected books and gifts, which have given our readers joy for years. Perhaps your gift card will inspire a long-lost reader to regain their love of books or finally tear a young adult away from their screen!
    Now you can give your friends access to a unique Book Club- focusing on "Bringing the Book to Life." Simply choose your Gift Card amount and receive it within minutes directly in your email inbox!