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Discover a new way to read

Welcome to Once Upon a Book Club, a monthly subscription box that includes wrapped gifts labeled with page numbers. No peeking! Only open your gifts as you read to experience a book that is brought to life before your eyes with items pulled directly from the descriptions in the story and placed right in your hands!

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Our Book Subscription Boxes

Adult book boxes

Adult boxes include newly-released, realistic fiction novels for readers age 18+. Books featured in the adult box include genres such as thriller, contemporary, historical fiction, magical realism, mystery, romance, and more! Boxes also include 3-5 wrapped gifts labeled with page numbers that bring the featured story to life before your eyes as you read! You'll never want to read a book without gifts again.

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Young Adult Book Boxes

Young Adult boxes feature newly-released books suitable for ages 14+. Featured books in the YA box include genres such as fantasy, contemporary, mystery, sci-fi, historical fiction, romance, and more! Boxes also include 3-5 wrapped gifts only meant to be opened when you reach specific page numbers within the book as each item is something pulled right out the story and placed into your hands!

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Middle Grade book boxes

Middle Grade is the perfect box for kids and young readers! Perfect for all readers aged 8-12, this gender-neutral box features children's books in genres such as fantasy, mystery, contemporary, sci-fi, magical realism, and more! Boxes also include 2-3 wrapped gifts labeled with page numbers to encourage your little bookworm to keep turning pages and discover the magic of reading!

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What's Inside?

Once Upon a Book Club is more than your average book box. Inside is a reading experience that works to help readers engage with their books in a unique and fun way! Discover custom, exclusive items that are designed with the authors' descriptions in mind. Our team works tirelessly to create treasured, useable items that can be cherished long after a book has been finished and shelved.

In addition, you'll find exclusive content from the author, activities, DIYs, recipes, discussion questions to help you engage with the story, and more! Plus, you'll be part of an active, online community filled with Book Clubbers from around the globe all discussing our book of the month.

What are you waiting for? Discover your new favorite way to read!

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What our customers are saying


Worth it!

Love the whole idea of any book club but it also being interactive and receiving super cute and quality items to correspond is so so fun!

Maddison T.

Love it!

I used to only purchase certain boxes, but I took the plunge to always get the Adult box, and I'm so glad I did. Even if I don't love the book (I usually do!), the experience is so fun and inspires me to read.

Carrie D.


Ever want to touch an items described in the book? This is your chance.

Angela V.


The best self-care under $50 you could ask for! I always look forward to my monthly box

Gabrielle T.

Rediscovered Reading!

Once Upon a Book Club is reignited my love of reading. I forgot how fast I can read and how much I enjoy reading.

Jordan P.