Adult Book Boxes

Our Adult Book Box collection was our original book box that began in July of 2016! It was the box that started it all and is something we are so grateful for bringing us into the world of Book Subscription Boxes.
The Adult book box was something we were so excited to focus on because we knew it was a genre that wasn't as popular in the subscription book box world when we began. We knew that there were plenty of Adult readers who would absolutely love their next read chosen for them, and pairing it with wrapped surprise goodies was the perfect compliment for the busy adult who doesn't always have the time or energy to find their next read, let alone actually start enjoying it. Our gifts provide the perfect motivation to make our Book Clubbers want to read and it is truly an honor to be able to provide this service to our readers every single month.
Our Adult book boxes include books from an array of genres, including:
- Contemporary
- Thriller
- Women's Fiction
- Mystery
- Magical Realism
- Romance
- Suspense
- And many more!
The books and gifts included in our Adult book box are meant to be unique and captivating. They're our attempt at giving our readers a connection to the story long after it's done being read and has already begun to collect dust on your shelf - to look at something within your home and remember the moment it connected you forever to a character, this is our goal.
We hope our boxes help to provide you motivation to make time for your love of reading in our crazy, hectic lives. There are seldom things as wonderful as sitting down with a good book, let alone one with gifts!
To see what we have included, please click through the years and find full details of each of our boxes.
Happy Reading!