A collection of some of the items from The Brave Explorer Middle Grade box from August 2023. These include the featured book, The Adventure is Now by Jess Redman, a collection of fake rubber insects, a magnifying glass, and a pair of binoculars.

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Bestow fun and interactive gifts brought to life from the pages of some of the best children's books!

About our Gifts for Young Readers Collection

Adventure Awaits: Unique Gifts for Young Readers

Adventure Awaits: Unique Gifts for Young Readers introduces a curated selection of enchanting gifts that are perfect for igniting the imaginations of young book lovers. From interactive games and crafts inspired by their favorite stories to magical accessories that bring the tales to life, each gift is chosen to deepen their love for reading and exploration. Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or just a special treat, discover the perfect presents to delight any young reader and transport them to worlds of adventure and discovery.

Illuminate Their Imagination: The Magic Wand Inspired by Alliana, Girl of Dragons

The Of Dust and Dragons - Magic Wand is not just a toy; it's a portal to the enchanted world of Alliana, Girl of Dragons. This light-up wand, inspired by Julie Abe's mesmerizing tale, is more than a mere replica—it's a key to unlocking the boundless realm of imagination in young readers. Equipped with a replacement battery to ensure the magic never fades, this wand invites its holder to not just read but to live the story, offering a tangible connection to Alliana's adventures.

Perfect for sparking an interest in the wonders beyond our world, the wand doubles as an educational tool, subtly fostering a curiosity about science and mechanics. It's an exceptional gift for any young reader, serving as an invitation to engage more deeply with the story and explore the mechanics behind its magic. Ideal for book club discussions, interactive activities, or as a cherished keepsake, this wand is a gateway to a lifetime of magical reading adventures.

Stellar Dreams: The Shapeshifter Glow-in-the-Dark Stars Set 

Dive into the cosmos with The Shapeshifter - Glow-in-the-Dark Stars set, a celestial collection inspired by the interstellar journey of Trouble in the Stars by Sarah Prineas. This set, featuring 200 luminous stars, transforms any room into a personal galaxy, allowing young readers to navigate the same cosmic adventures found within the pages of their favorite book.

An ideal gift to ignite a passion for astronomy and the art of storytelling, these glow-in-the-dark stars offer more than just decoration. They are tools for young explorers to chart their course through the night sky, fostering a sense of wonder and excitement that complements the thrilling narrative of Trouble in the Stars. Perfect for creating an immersive reading nook or a backdrop for imaginative play, this set promises to elevate the reading experience to stellar heights.

Adventure Awaits: The Earhart House Wings Pin 

Elevate your young reader's journey into the heart of adventure with The Mystery at the Earhart House - Wings Pin, a beautifully crafted enamel pin inspired by The Amelia Six by Kristin L. Gray. This elegant accessory, featuring striking gold wings with a captivating blue center, serves as a symbol of exploration and courage, echoing the thrilling themes of the book.

A perfect gift to inspire bravery and a zest for adventure, this pin connects young readers to the story's spirit, encouraging them to dream big and explore the unknown. Ideal for adding a literary touch to any ensemble or backpack, it not only celebrates their love for reading but also serves as a constant reminder that adventure is just a page away.

Embark on Adventure: The Brave Explorer Kit Inspired by The Adventure is Now

Unlock the door to outdoor exploration for the young reader in your life with The Brave Explorer - Explorer Kit, inspired by the exhilarating journey found in The Adventure is Now by Jess Redman. This comprehensive kit, equipped with an explorer's hat and vest, a winding flashlight, compass, and a versatile drawstring travel bag, is tailored for intrepid adventurers aged 8-12.

A gift that goes beyond the pages, this kit nurtures the spirit of adventure and exploration, mirroring the book's themes. It's an exceptional choice for enriching book club discussions or activities, offering children a tangible way to step into the world of their latest read. Encourage your young reader to embark on their own adventures, guided by the spirit of exploration that The Adventure is Now so vividly inspires.

Soar with Stories: The Village of Magic Rubberband Flying Bird Set for Young Readers

Unlock the enchantment of flight and the intrigue of mechanics with The Village of Magic - Rubberband Flying Bird set, a creative crafting kit that brings the themes of magic and flight from beloved young readers' books to life. This set, featuring materials to construct two vibrant rubber band-powered birds, one in red and one in blue, alongside easy-to-follow instructions, is a fantastic gift for young readers with a penchant for magic and adventure in their stories.

More than just a fun activity, this set serves as a bridge to understanding simple mechanical concepts, making it an ideal addition to gifts for young readers. It's a thoughtful way to encourage exploration beyond the pages, offering a hands-on experience that complements the magic found in their favorite tales. Perfect for imaginative play or as an interactive complement to book club discussions, this flying bird set promises to elevate the reading experience to new heights of adventure.

Discover Nature's Tiny Wonders: The Brave Explorer Bug Catching Kit for Young Readers

Embark on a journey of discovery and adventure with The Brave Explorer - Bug Catching Kit, inspired by The Adventure is Now by Jess Redman. This comprehensive set equips young readers with everything they need for an entomological expedition: nets for gentle captures, magnifying glasses to observe intricate details, containers for temporary observation, various tools for careful handling, and even fake insects to practice their skills.

As gifts for young readers go, this bug catching kit is unparalleled in its ability to spark a lifelong interest in the natural world and the study of insects. It offers a hands-on approach to learning, blending science with the joy of outdoor exploration. By aligning with the themes of adventure and discovery found in The Adventure is Now, this kit not only enhances the reading experience but also encourages a deeper connection with the world around us. Perfect for young explorers who dream of their own adventures, it promises endless hours of interactive learning and imaginative play.

Magical Slumbers: The Of Dust and Dragons Sequin Pillow for Young Readers

Transform any young reader's room into a haven of fantasy with The Of Dust and Dragons - Sequin Pillow, an enchanting accessory inspired by Alliana, Girl of Dragons by Julie Abe. This double-sided sequin pillow captivates with its unique design: one side features a majestic dragon, a symbol of the adventures within the pages of Julie Abe's story, set against a serene blue and white background, complete with an inspirational quote to fuel young imaginations. The reverse side boasts a sleek, solid gold surface, adding a touch of magic to any space.

As gifts for young readers go, this sequin pillow stands out as a beacon of imagination and dreams, encouraging children to dive into their favorite books and explore worlds unknown. It's not just a pillow; it's a passport to adventures untold, making it a perfect addition to any book-themed collection and an inviting companion for every storytime.

Secret Missions Await: Survival Island Spy Gear for Young Adventurous Readers

The Survival Island - Spy Glasses come with a fun feature that lets you see in the dark, along with a glow-in-the-dark spy pen for writing secret messages. Inspired by The Forgotten Five: Map of Flames by Lisa McMann, this kit fits both children and adults and requires batteries. It's a thrilling gift for young readers, sparking their imagination and adventures, much like the explorations and mysteries found in their favorite stories. 

Adventure Awaits: The Survival Island Shoulder Backpack for Young Readers

Set off on a journey of mystery and exploration with The Survival Island - Shoulder Backpack, a vibrant teal, single-shoulder backpack inspired by The Forgotten Five: Map of Flames by Lisa McMann. This adventurous accessory comes complete with a fabric satchel filled with 13 sparkling 'diamonds,' designed to delight both young adventurers and adult explorers alike.

As gifts for young readers, this backpack is a treasure in itself, perfect for those who dream of embarking on quests filled with mystery and adventure. It encourages young minds to dive into their favorite stories of exploration, offering a tangible piece of adventure they can take with them wherever they go. Whether used for a real-life treasure hunt or as a companion on daily adventures, this backpack is a wonderful addition to the exploratory spirit found in every young reader.

Unlocking Worlds: Enchanting Gifts to Ignite Young Readers' Imaginations

In the quest for the perfect gift, nothing quite matches the magic and wonder of items that spark the imaginations of young readers and transport them to worlds unknown. From the interactive brilliance of The Brave Explorer's kits, immersing children in the beauty of nature and the thrill of discovery, to the whimsical charm of The Of Dust and Dragons - Sequin Pillow, offering comfort and inspiration drawn from beloved tales, each gift serves as a beacon of adventure and creativity. 

The Survival Island - Shoulder Backpack not only prepares young adventurers for their explorations but also carries the promise of untold stories waiting to be discovered. These unique gifts for young readers are more than mere objects; they are invitations to embark on a journey of endless possibilities, where every story read and every adventure taken enriches their young hearts and minds. 

As we curate these gifts, we're not just giving a present; we're unlocking doors to new worlds, fostering a lifelong love for reading, and inspiring the next generation of dreamers, thinkers, and explorers. Adventure truly awaits within the pages of a book, and these gifts are the keys to an unending journey of discovery and joy for young readers everywhere.