Author & Vendor Contact

for all customer/order inquires, please email us at:

Interested Author?

Have you written a book you'd love to see included in a future Once Upon a Book Club Box?  We would love to hear from you!

Please send us the following information to in order to be considered for a future box:

  • The title of your book along with a brief summary of the plot.
  • Any links to where it is listed (Goodreads, Amazon, etc.)
  • Publisher information if it is traditionally published (we love working with Indie authors as well!).
  • Genre and your expected target market* (important if it was published outside of our 60 day requirement)
  • Anticipated release date.
  • Anticipated final page count. 

Please note that we typically select our monthly featured novels a minimum of 3 months in advance and all included novels must be less than 60 days from their original publication, meaning we must receive a copy of your novel a minimum of 30 days prior to its release date to be considered.

We are happy to look at novels outside of this date range for consideration for a special edition box, just please be sure to include genre and target market so make sure to note that this is being submitted specifically for a special edition box.

Interested in our Perks Program?

Do you have a product you'd love to feature to our subscribers or a book published outside of our accepted submission dates (older than 60 days from its original publication)?  We'd love to consider sharing it with our subscribers in our Perks Program!

Book Club Perks are bonus deals we send to all our subscribers each month within all of our boxes PLUS email to our subscriber database which makes it a fantastic marketing opportunity for exposure to tens of thousands of potential new clients and customers!

We only accept 2-3 perks per month so your pitch is key!  Please note that selected Perk inclusions are expected to design a double-sided flyer for a 5.5"x 8.5" insert in our boxes.  Flyers can include a coupon/discount/exclusive promotion for our subscribers.  

If interested, please send us the following details to about your book/product to receive additional information. 

  • The title of your book or product.
  • Any links to where it is listed (Amazon, Goodreads, Specific Websites, etc.)
  • Vendor or Publisher Information.
  • Your target market/audience.
  • What you'd be interested in offering our members (deal, coupon, promotion, sample, etc).

Please don't hesitate to reach out as slots fill quickly!  We look forward to sharing your products and books with our readers!