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The Bridgerton Collection

In collaboration with Julia Quinn, OUABC is proud to present our exclusive collection of Bridgerton and gifts inspired by the books.

About The Bridgerton Books

About the Bridgerton Book Series and Characters

Experience the allure of the Bridgerton family created by Julia Quinn. The series takes us through the romantic endeavors of the London elite, delighting readers with clever interactions and heartfelt narratives. Discover the nuances of each family member's story, offering a comprehensive exploration of their journeys.

Introducing the Bridgerton Universe

Evolution of the Bridgerton Narrative

The Bridgerton series has expanded from its initial offerings, with the Netflix adaptation catalyzing a new wave of readership. The advent of '2nd Epilogues' and inclusion of adjacent families like the Rokesbys has broadened the narrative landscape. This diversification has resulted in a range of related publications and the TV series, where each installment shines a light on a Bridgerton sibling's story, continuing the appeal of the original works. Comprehensive series information, character insights, family relations, and further exploration can be found at JuliaQuinn.com.

Mapping the Bridgerton Family

Ancestral Lineage of the Bridgertons

Chronicling eight children - Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth - the Bridgerton novels provide individual arcs that combine into a riveting family saga. New volumes and 'Happily Ever After' compilations offer deeper insights into their Georgian Era exploits. The author’s website is a repository of detailed character bios, a family tree, and resources for press members.

Main Characters and their Journey

The series celebrates the exceptional individuals within the Bridgerton lineage. With each novel centered around a single sibling, these tales depict their love stories amid the nuances of high society. Readers partake in the thrill of these sagas at JuliaQuinn.com, where an expansive description of the series and in-depth character explorations are available, alongside a comprehensive Bridgerton family tree.

Exploring the World of Bridgerton Books

The Inception of Romance in 'The Duke and I'

The Bridgerton saga begins with 'The Duke and I,' where Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset's romance unfolds. Their courtship exemplifies Regency-era societal challenges, brimming with wit and ardor. The siblings' individual quests for love infuse the tale with added dimensions and relatable struggles, illustrating the complexity of allegiance and affection during the period.

Sibling Rivalries in 'The Viscount Who Loved Me'

'The Viscount Who Loved Me' artfully captures the Bridgertons' family dynamics, notably through the competitive threads between Anthony and Colin. The story explores Anthony's responsibilities and his contrasting disposition to Colin's free-spirited nature. Eloise's independence also adds friction, crafting a story rich in realism. These multifaceted relationships reflect the era's social intricacies.

Cinderella Tales Retold in 'An Offer from a Gentleman'

Elizabeth Boyle's 'An Offer from a Gentleman' re-envisions the Cinderella story through the Bridgerton lens, marrying the period's charm with classic romance. The narrative intertwines with the siblings' eventful lives, presenting themes of redemption and resilience. This novel exemplifies the series' ability to reinvent fairy tales with a unique flavor, keeping readers engrossed.

Delving into 'Romancing Mister Bridgerton'

'Romancing Mister Bridgerton' brings to life the sensational London elite during a time of elegant courtships. The Bridgerton family's pursuit of love and happiness unfurls against a backdrop of enduring ties and societal expectations. Expanding with 'The Rokesbys' narratives and further editions, the series maintains its appeal through a wealth of content and behind-the-scenes glimpses available on the author's website.

Love and Letters in 'To Sir Philip, With Love'

'To Sir Philip, With Love' spotlights Eloise Bridgerton's romance with Phillip Crane, emphasizing the power of their epistolary exchanges. Their letters offer profound insights into their psyches and societal roles within a courtship steeped in period practices. These written dialogues not only progress the relationship but also deepen readers' engagement with the characters.

The Tangled Web in 'When He Was Wicked'

'When He Was Wicked' intricately weaves a narrative tapestry showcasing the Bridgerton siblings' romantic tribulations against a tapestry of loyalty and societal expectations. The forbidden romance between Michael Stirling and Francesca Bridgerton, juxtaposed with the family's internal ties, vividly illustrates the intricate tightrope of propriety and passion.

Mysteries Unraveled in 'It’s in His Kiss'

'It's in His Kiss' thrives on uncovering the enigmas that shroud the Bridgerton love stories, providing a deep dive into the societal conventions that shape the narrative. The novel's intricate portrayal of love and intrigue affixes the series in the hearts of its audience.

Matrimonial Ventures in 'On the Way to the Wedding'

'On the Way to the Wedding' investigates the complex interplay of love and societal dictates during courtship, emphasizing the characters' journeys towards matrimonial bliss. The novel encapsulates the period's norms and the Bridgerton family's influences on these unions, bestowing insight upon the era's romantic customs.