A white hand holds a match to a ceramic pink candle. The words The Secret Library are written in larger letters. Under that are the words ink. paper. leather. scented candle. Once Upon a Book Club.

Once Upon a Book Club

Bookish Home Décor collection

Bring your love of books home with items inspired by some of our favorite books to weave into everyday life.


    About our Home Décor Collection

    At Once Upon a Book Club, we believe in the power of story-telling, and now with our home décor range, you can bring books to life right in your own home. We are so proud of our home décor range; it is all about attention to detail, and often it's the small things that make a difference and take ordinary to extraordinary.

    Bookish Apothecary

    Our home décor range is made up of some of our favorite gifts, just like the glass apothecary reed diffuser bottle, which was featured in our 2021 "Secret Poison Shop" box, or the beautifully layered glass apothecary jar from the Deadly Secrets box, the perfect addition to your mantlepiece.

    We love quotes, they inspire thought and seem to pop up just when you need them, and our quote bundles do exactly that. With over five dozen variations, you never know what you'll receive! Simply add a frame, and you have the perfect gift, or hang them in unexpected places to inspire everyone who visits.

    Lights and Candles

    Talking about attention to detail, creating the perfect atmosphere has never been easier than with our gorgeous moonlight. Relax to the peach and rose-colored glow as you wind down at the end of a busy day. Or feed your inner romantic with our Romanov Princess candle, available in Teakwood, Cedar, Sandalwood, and Vanilla will go a long way to creating the perfect atmosphere.

    Bookish Home Décor For Everyone

    From metal bookends and light switch decals to wall clocks and travel tea sets, we have something for everyone and let's be honest, nothing beats a glass of wine at the end of a long day. Sip in style while our metal wine chiller insulates the perfect bottle, keeping it ice cold as you curl up on the couch with your favorite book. And the perfect glass of wine is worthy of the perfect coaster, and our agate geode slice coasters with their gold edging are just what you need.