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    Products will only be visible here when they are available for pre-order and are not currently ready to ship! Please note that pre-order boxes are always discounted while available for pre-order. Once boxes are ready-to-ship, the price does increase, so snag them while they're here to save!

    About our Pre-Order Books

    We know how it is, you’ve just finished reading one of our Bridgerton books with their incredible custom-designed covers, and you desperately want to share it. But that beautiful cover and the carefully selected gifts are far too precious to lend. Don’t worry; we have got you covered.
    Our pre-order book selection is filled with an exciting range that you can order for your nearest and dearest (or perhaps you just need to replace a copy someone has mislaid!) You can easily order the individual books or take advantage of our Volume 1, which contains the first four books, or our Volume 2, containing books five to eight.
    This delightful book collection is just that, a beautiful collection, and you definitely need to get each one! Transport yourself into the romantic, steamy, and suspense-filled world of Bridgerton; there simply isn’t another world quite like it.

    We couldn’t help but add our 12 Days of Book-Club-Mas 2022 which features an enviable collection of 12 beautiful gifts accompanied by a novella of 12 short stories. Each story is by a different author who wrote specially to bring our carefully selected gifts to life. As you know, we are all about bringing books to life, and as you read, you will be prompted to open those beautifully wrapped gifts at just the right moment. But don’t worry; these gifts aren’t Christmassy, so you can use them all year round!
    Join us in bringing stories to life the Once Upon a Book Club way.