Limited Edition Book Boxes

Our Limited Edition book boxes began back in 2017 and they have yet to slow down! We absolutely love the opportunity to create a box specific to a holiday, event, or focus on topics our Book Clubbers have asked for that just don't quite work for our monthly boxes.
We have curated an array of Limited Edition book boxes for a variety of reasons, including:
- Holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc)
- Pop Culture Favorites (Bridgerton, Movie Releases of Classics, etc)
- Genres Outside of our Norm (Middle Grade Special Editions, etc)
- And more!
We cannot wait to see what our next Limited Edition book box will be, and we look forward to sharing it with all of you!
To see what we have included, please click through the events within the Limited Edition tab and find full details of each of our boxes.
Happy Reading!
The Once Upon a Book Club Team