New Year's Eve Boxes

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paperback book Main Character Energy by Jamie Varon and champagne glass on top of pink box. a necklace, lipstick tube, and teal journal sit in front of it, on top of a 40-book reading challenge

Up All Night

2023 Edition

Main Character Energy by Jamie Varon

This box also included our 2024, 40 Book Challenge Scratch-Off Card, a celebration popper, and custom champagne flute that reads "Your Life is Your Story"

Up All Night

2022 Edition

Improbably Yours by Kerry Anne King
  • Page 285
    "The walls are hung with photographs of the island and the sea, and one wall in the last room I visit, is hung with landscape paintings that remind me of Monet. All are beautiful, but what draws my eye is a more limited series, hung in a row, that features a single tree."
    - a paint-by-number set including paints, brushes, and template.
  • Page 313
    "I sit down at the table with the box and carefully insert the key. It slides in easily, then grinds as I try to turn it. Nestled inside, next to a folded piece of yellowed paper, is a golden ring."
    - a locked wooden box containing instructions for setting a combination, letter from the book, and ring.
  • This box also included our 2023, 40 Book Challenge Scratch-Off Card, a celebration popper, and custom champagne flute that reads "The World Belongs to Those Who Read"
  • Up All Night

    2021 Edition

    The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood
  • Page 82
    "He eyed her cup like it contained radioactive waste. He held the door open for her as they exited the coffee shop, taking care not to come too close to her drink. He took a sip of his chamomile and it made her smile."
    - an adorable mathematical equations insulated thermos with metal straw, along with a packet of chamomile tea. (hand wash only, hot and cold beverage safe)
  • Page 241
    "The problem, he explained in hushed tones as they waited to be seated, was not the sushi train, but the all-you-can-eat for twenty dollars. Olive marveled at the plates traveling on the conveyor belt weaving across the restaurant, unable to stop her openmouthed grin."
    - a matching set of four, melamine plates in the same mathematical equation pattern. (food safe, hand wash only).
  • This box also included our 2022, 40 Book Challenge Scratch-Off Card, a noise maker, and custom champagne flute that reads "The Journey of a Lifetime Starts with the Turning of a Page"
  • Book Year's Eve

    2020 Edition

    The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany by Lori Nelson Spielman
  • Page 120
    "I look down at my black slacks and red blouse and laugh. 'What can I say? I'm a laid-back kind of girl.' 'Just so you know,' Lucy says, 'laid-back girls rarely get laid back.' She grabs a pot of lip gloss and hands it to me. 'Do yourself a favor.'"
    - a custom created merlot shade lip gloss.
  • Page 226
    "She hugs me first, and then bids Poppy a tearful good-bye. It seems to take all of Poppy's strength to reach into her purse and fish out her bag of pennies. She places one in Sofia's hand. 'For luck,' she says. 'Now, go spread your sunshine in this world.'"
    - an orange, faux leather shoulder bag which contains a custom printed, poppy-themed coin purse, containing a custom coin.
  • Page 335
    "'Wait, Dar. I have something for you.' She lifts the gloves from the kitchen counter. 'I opened them earlier. They're gorgeous, Emmie.' I reach into my pocket. 'I meant this.' She stares down at the medal in my palm. Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers, her prize possession. She closes my palm around it. 'Mom would want you to have it. And so do I.'"
    - a set of black leather gloves in addition to a medal featuring Saint Christopher on the back and a quote to celebrate the new year on the front.
  • This box also included our 2021, 40 Book Challenge Scratch-Off Card, a noise maker, and custom champagne flute that reads "New Year, New Chapter, Write a Good One"

    images by @The_Bookish_Runner

  • Book Year's Eve

    2019 Edition

    Regretting You by Colleen Hoover
  • Page 49
    "Clara grins, and I go to my craft closet and pull out my birthday board. Clara may be too old to sit with me while I rock her to sleep, but at least she still gets just as excited about our traditions as I do. We started this one when she was eight years old. Chris doesn't involve himself in this tradition, so it's just something Clara and I do twice a year. It's like a vision board, but rather than making a new one every year, we just add to the same one. We each have our own, and we add to them only on our respective birthdays. Clara's birthday is still a couple months away, so I grab my board and leaves hers in the closet. Clara takes a seat next to me at the kitchen table and then selects a purple Sharpie."
    - a custom whiteboard printed with the word GOALS at the top along with a purple whiteboard marker.
  • Page 349
    "Gramps smiles at the camera. He points it at Miller one more time. When they announce my name and it's my turn to take a bow onstage, Miller bites his lip, trying to hide his smile."
    - a custom-designed mini video camera.
  • This box also included our 2020, 40 Book Challenge Scratch-Off Card, a noise maker, and custom champagne flute that reads "I Like to Party and by Party I Mean Read Books."

    images by @The_Bookish_Runner