Special Edition Boxes

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Romantasy Box


The North Wind by Alexandria Warwick
  • Page 29
    "I pass the mug into her trembling hands. She shakes so severely the mug slips from her grip and shatters at her feet."
    - a ceramic mug (dishwasher/microwave safe) and sustainably sourced bundle of black sage from California.
  • Page 234
    "He passes me a round glass orb the size of my fist that emits a pale, rosy light. It warms my palm through my glove like the smallest of suns.
    - a small moon light (glows rose and white) with micro-USB charging cable and stand.
  • Page 254
    "Long ago, I wrapped the slip-cover of a local hunting manual over the naked hardcover of this erotic romance novel so my sister wouldn't be inclined to pick it up."
    - a faux dust jacket covers a copy of Dangerous by Minerva Spencer
  • Page 478
    "One by one, he pries away my fingers to reveal the scarlet liquid contained within the glass."
    - a glittery, travel sized, roll-on perfume.
  • Middle Grade Box

    Summer Reading, Special Edition, 2020

    The Blue Witch by Alane Adams
    The Rubicus Prophecy by Alane Adams
    Witch Wars by Alane Adams
    The Blue Witch
  • Page 57
    "She pointed at a jar full of bulging eyeballs. Abigail grimaced, then unscrewed the jar and dug her fingers into the slippery organs. Her stomach did a somersault."
    - a custom designed eyeball jar filled with eyeball bouncy balls.
  • Page 130
    "The breeze stirred, ruffling her hair. A star in the sky burned brighter, so bright it was actually blue, pulsing with light."
    - an electric star light that casts star shapes on the walls/ceiling when plugged in.

  • The Rubicus Prophecy
  • Page 56
    "Something clattered against her window panes. Climbing off her bed, she flung them open. A mechanical bird made of battered tin fluttered its wings, creaking slightly. In its beak it held a piece of paper."
    - a paper bird with USB port to charge and fly.
  • Page 192
    "He took a pouch from around his neck and dumped out a small key. Taking the shard of stone from Robert, he tucked it inside, looping it around the boy's neck."
    - a small pouch, piece of cord, and glow-in-the-dark stone. The stone is meant to be inserted into the pouch, and then the pouch closed over the cord, just like in the book.

  • Witch Wars
  • Page 15
    "Plucking the apple from his pocket, he placed it on the tabl. He waved a hand over it, and it lifted, spinning slowly."
    - a small apple candle.
  • Page 176
    "He raised the hammer and threw it at Utgard-Loki. There was a gust of wind and distant booming sound, and then the hammer returned to Vertulious's hand."
    - a large inflatable, spiked hammer.

  • images by @The_Bookish_Runner