Christmas Boxes

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pink hardcover book Through the Snow Globe by Annie Rains and a snow-globe sit on top of a red box. In front of the box is a candle, a small box labeled snowflake glitter, and a 12 inch Christmas tree

Christmas Box

2023 Edition

Through the Snow Globe by Annie Rains

Christmas Box

2022 Edition

The Christmas Witch by Dalea Faulkner
  • Page 32
    "Cerri took her tartan scarf and quickly wiped away any visible wetness from her face, gathered herself together, and looked up at Bradford."
    - a plush and fluffy tartan winter scarf.
  • Page 41
    "She hobbled over to the hearth and placed a hand up on the mantle. It was lined with photographs of ancestors, a curiously slow pouring hourglass, and a portrait of a man who was a dead ringer for Santa."
    - a canvas portrait of a man who looks like Santa and a large gold and glass hourglass.
  • Page 74
    "Back at the front of the store, Nick was perusing the jewelry section. He lifted up a gold necklace that had the most petite little heart as its pendant."
    - a small gold necklace with a heart pendant.
  • Page 124
    "She hobbled over to the trunk by the fireplace again and pulled out the Grimoire. 'Please note the section in the back part of the book titled 'Christmas Traditions.'"
    - a small faux leather journal with Christmas Traditions written on a card.
  • Christmas Box

    2021 Edition

    A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale by Karen Schaler
  • Page 54
    "'This might help,' the queen said as she walked over to an exquisite antique writing desk and picked up a fancy scroll with a red satin ribbon tied around it. She handed it to the prince. 'What's this?' he asked, looking even more baffled. 'Open it up and see,' the queen urged. Her eyes danced with anticipation. As the prince unrolled the scroll, it went on and on until he finally couldn't hold it anymore. He dropped one end and it tumbled all the way to the floor."
    - a custom designed, gold scroll tied with red tassels. Inside is a blank scroll to keep for future holidays as a record of your family's holiday traditions.
  • Page 152
    "Kaylie wrote the word 'joy' on her snowflake and handed the princess the pen. The princess quickly wrote the word 'family' on her snowflake. 'Can we make more and put them on our tree?'"
    - a guidebook of paper snowflake patterns to cut out and hang.
  • Page 256
    "The prince held up his Santa mug. 'I don't think you're getting that slipper back, but I can offer you some hot chocolate.' The prince picked up the gold canister Jean Pierre gave him when they'd visited his shop. 'I'd love to try it,' Kaylie said. The prince poured her hot chocolate into another adorable Santa mug and handed it to her."
    - an adorable Santa mug (food safe, hand wash only).
  • Page 304
    She was heading for the door when she stopped at her dresser and picked up the painting of the Christmas tree she had painted with the princess. It was one memory she wasn't willing to leave behind.
    - a Christmas Tree watercolor photo backdrop, perfect for use at Christmas parties for photo ops.
  • Christmas Box

    2020 Edition

    In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren
  • Page 144
    "'Thank you for getting this started, honey.' Mom pulls her hair back into a bun, slips on her Mrs. Claus apron, and takes the wooden spoon from my hand, wordlessly telling me she's got it from here."
    - a flirty Mrs. Claus apron!
  • Page 164
    "In unison, Andrew and I turn our faces up to the doorway overhead. Miles is right. The festive sprig is now hanging from a red ribbon pinned into the doorway.
    - a mistletoe ball hanging from red ribbon.
  • Page 273
    "Tentatively-reverently-he takes it. With fingertips that have touched every inch of my skin, he easily pulls free the silken bow. The rip of the thick paper tears through the room. The gift hasn't been put in a box, it's wrapped as is: a framed drawing, charcoal on paper. I wonder briefly where Mom found the simple wooden frame to decorate lovingly with brilliantly painted quaking aspen but I don't really have time to dwell on the question, because Andrew sucks in a breath and then becomes an inflatable doll with all the air sucked out. He's sweetly deflated."
    - a custom drawing in a simple, custom frame.
  • Page 329
    "I shuffle down the hall, rounding the banister to begin climbing the stairs, but my foot lands on something and it crunches beneath the sole of my sock. I lift my foot, pick the item off the bottom, and study the silver object. It's a flattened peppermint kiss."
    - three peppermint Hershey kisses and a pair of open book socks.

  • images by @The_Bookish_Runner

    Christmas Mini Box

    2019 Edition

    A Royal Christmas Wish by Lizzie Shane
  • Page 68
    "Haven't you ever made a Christmas wish?" She moved her wrist and the snowflake dangling from her fingers began to spin, the light flashing off the diamonds hypnotically. Something about it seemed to snag my attention and make it impossible for me to look away as she spoke in a smooth lilting voice.
    - a beautiful, custom-designed cz snowflake bracelet.
  • Page 272
    With the puppy still tucked under one arm, she waved her free hand with a flourish, and the snowflakes above her fingertips began to swirl in a vortex that expanded and whooshed toward me, that now-familiar candy-cane scent somehow warm around me even as the snowflake cyclone blinded me.
    - a custom-created peppermint candle.

  • images by @The_Bookish_Runner

    Christmas Box

    2018 Edition

    The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan
  • Page 167
    "Posy bagged up three packets of Christmas cards painted by a local artist and added a hand-wrapped gingerbread man. "On the house." She handed it over with a dazzling smile and another family of happy customers left the cafe."
    - a set of three custom designed blank notecards for all occasions, and a stuffed gingerbread man ornament
  • Page 352
    "Beth carried her downstairs to the kitchen and pushed open the door. The place smelled of cinnamon and cloves and Suzanne was sifting flour into a bowl."
    - a custom designed package of Grandma's Pumpkin Spice Cake mix with instructions, and a miniature wooden spoon
  • Page 370
    "Hannah found a knife and a chopping board. She'd never done this before, worked side by side in the kitchen with her mother."
    - a custom designed cutting/cheese board in the shape of a Christmas tree that reads "Eat Drink and Be Merry"
  • Page 402
    "'You got me a gift, even though you didn't know I was going to be here?' He opened the small box and grinned. 'Is this what I think it is?' 'It's the key to my apartment.'"
    - a custom designed keychain with a Pride and Prejudice charm, with a small key

  • images by @The_Bookish_Runner

    Christmas Box

    2017 Edition

    Every Time a Bell Rings by Carmel Harrington
  • Page 20
    "A tiny silver bell. Nestled on red velvet fabric within the box, with a red-velvet ribbon attached to it, I don't think I've ever seen anything more perfect."
    - a silver bell ornament.
  • Page 40
    "She starts to read the letter aloud and I mouth along with her. I know it off by heart."
    - a rolled up letter to Santa.
  • Page 183
    "I hold the jar down low for her...I pull out a name and have a peek."
    - a mason jar mug with a note inside as mentioned in the novel. (one of four designs)
  • Page 264
    "'Here.' I say, as I pull my scarf off and wrap it around her neck."
    - an oversized plaid blanket scarf.
  • Page 375
    "'Bleeding starvin' I was.' And he ducks as Tess tries to swipe him with her tea towel."
    - a custom designed tea towel.

  • images by @OnceUponABookClubBox and @KMSpedden