Mother's Day Boxes

Hover over the photo of the wrapped gifts to see the complete unboxing underneath!

Five Days of Mom

2019 Edition

  • Day One
    - a custom designed tea towel that says "Not All Heroes Wear Capes" showing moms being superheroes
  • Day Two
    - a exclusive, custom designed clutch pouch with a Little Women design (designed by Chick Lit Designs)
  • Day Three
    - a new copy of A Mother's Promise by Sally Hepworth
  • Day Four
    - a custom designed sleep mask that says "Tired as a Mother"
  • Day Five
    - a Mother-Daughter, interlocking infinity necklace

  • images by @The_Bookish_Runner

    Mother's Day

    2018 Edition

    The Optimist's Guide to Letting Go by Amy E. Reichert
  • Page 65
    "She held one of the pictures up to her sister, who had been looking out the window."
    - an accordian organizer containing the photo, custom designed to the description in the book.
  • Page 139
    "She only had had enough time to change clothes and rub on some strawberry-scented lotion."
    - a jar of strawberry-scented lotion.
  • Page 243
    "The poor Joe handed Lorraine a thin plaid blanket he'd been holding in his left hand."
    - a plaid blanket.
  • Page 326
    "May nodded and opened the notebook to a fresh page."
    - a custom designed notebook, perfect for making lists.

  • images by @The_Bookish_Runner