a paperback edition of The Forgotten Five leans against a yellow Once Upon a Book Club box. In front of the book are a book flyer, coloring page, bookmark, gray box with triangles, and a yellow and white striped polybag. The box and bag are labeled with page numbers.
a paperback edition of The Forgotten Five is on top of a yellow Once Upon a Book Club box. In front of the box are a light blue box and yellow and white striped poly bag. The box and bag are labeled with page numbers.

Survival Island - Full Box

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Grab the February 2023 Middle Grade box, themed Survival Island! 

Our first ever Middle Grade box features a signed copy of The Forgotten Five: Map of Flames by Lisa McMann! ⁠

How It Works!
  1. Start reading your monthly book! Each box includes an exciting new read and your experience begins the moment you turn to page one.
  2. As you read, you'll find "Open Your Gift" sticky notes! Unwrap the gift with the matching page number and experience the book coming to life before your eyes!
  3. Chat about your reading experience with readers around the globe! Our private Facebook group is the perfect place to meet dedicated readers like you!

About the Book

X-Men meets Spy Kids in this instant New York Times bestseller! Here’s the first book in a new middle-grade fantasy/adventure series from the author of The Unwanteds.⁠

Fifteen years ago, eight supernatural criminals fled Estero City to make a new life in an isolated tropical hideout. Over time, seven of them disappeared without a trace, presumed captured or killed. And now, the remaining one has died.⁠

Left behind to fend for themselves are the criminals’ five children, each with superpowers of their own: Birdie can communicate with animals. Brix has athletic abilities and can heal quickly. Tenner can swim like a fish, see in the dark, and hear from a distance. Seven’s skin camouflages to match whatever is around him. Cabot hasn’t shown signs of any unusual power—yet.⁠

Then one day Birdie finds a map among her father’s things that leads to a secret stash. There is also a note: ⁠

Go to Estero, find your mother, and give her the map.⁠

The five have lived their entire lives in isolation. What would it mean to follow the map to a strange world full of things they’ve only heard about, like cell phones, cars, and electricity? A world where, thanks to their parents, being supernatural is a crime?⁠

Paired with a super fun set of gifts that bring the adventure to life, we cannot wait for readers to experience this book! ⁠

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Great prizes. Good quality. My son loved the book. He couldn’t wait to read so he could open the gifts.


I love this company. If you love books, then you need a subscription!


My daughter LOVED this box. She had fun reading the book her her little brothers and opening the gifts. The gifts were fantastic and all 3 of my kids loved them. Very well done.


OMG this middle grade box is amazing!! I’m saving it for my niece, but now I really want to get one for myself.

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