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    About our Bookish Apparel Collection

    Our bookish apparel collection is a great way to add a bit of fun to your wardrobe and make your day just a bit brighter. At Once Upon a Book Club, nothing is accidental; we go the extra mile to ensure that everything has meaning, which is why we know you will love our apparel collection!
    One of our favorites is the beautiful pastel floral Bridgerton scarf. It is the perfect addition to any wardrobe, and there is definitely something romantic about wrapping a soft scarf around your shoulders on those romantic evening walks. Bring a touch of Bridgerton glamour to your outfit for a night to remember. This scarf was originally paired with An Offer From A Gentleman in the Bridgerton Volume 1, 2021 box.
    Lazy days will never be the same. Grab our summer hat, pack your picnic basket and blanket, and lie under the trees with your latest book. Our bookish summer hat will have you reading in style all day long; it not only covers your face but lets everyone know what is happening – Shh, I’m reading. Some people just need that extra hint.
    Sometimes we just need to bring a bit of fun and laughter into the world, and our Sweet Halloween Pun Tee is just the thing. This hysterical punny t-shirt is ideal for the linguistic comic – The Past, The Present, and The Future walked into a bar, it was tense!