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One of the greatest aspects of Once Upon a Book Club is the element of surprise. Our subscribers do not know specifically what they will experience each month, but they do know it will be an adventure unlike anything they've embarked upon before.

On the 15th of each month, Once Upon a Book Club reveals their Adult and Young Adult hints for the boxes on sale for the next 30 days (until the 14th of the following month, or until the boxes sell out). This hint is meant to give subscribers a taste of the genre, vibe of the book, and some minor details about what their next box will contain without giving too much away!

Subscribers have the option to switch their subscription* between Adult and Young Adult depending on which hint appeals to them! Subscribers and interested readers are able to email our customer service team at any time to find out the book title in advance.

Tween themes are always released on the 5th of each month and are available for the next 30 days (until the 4th of the following month, or until boxes sell out). This theme reveals the featured book included within the current Tween box to allow parents the opportunity to look into the featured book and decide if it is a book they would like to share with their child.

Please use the above buttons to view our current hints! Our monthly boxes do regularly sell out and we recommend subscribing sooner rather than later to ensure you don't miss out on your next reading experience!

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*Active Adult and Young Adult subscribers have from the 15th of the month when hints are released to the 27th of the month (48 hours after renewal charges have processed). After that time, OUABC cannot guarantee inventory will be available to make any modifications to subscriptions.