An orange Once Upon a Book Club Halloween Edition box sits next to a pumpkin. Bronze ribbon surrounds the two.

Once Upon a Book Club

Halloween collection

The most haunted time of the year calls for some excellent reading experiences! Gifts and books in this collection feature autumn, Halloween, ghosts, witches, vampires, and more!

About our Halloween Collection

Spooky Collection: The Bookish Halloween

Once Upon a Book Club's Halloween Collection for 2023 is a carefully curated selection of items that perfectly blends the love for literature with the festive spirit of Halloween. This collection includes a variety of unique and thematic products designed to enhance the spooky season for book enthusiasts. Among the highlights are:

- A Spooky Halloween 2022 water bottle adorned with playful designs featuring white ghosts and black spiderwebs, ideal for staying hydrated while reading your favorite Halloween tales.

- A Sweet Halloween 2022 essential oil set, presenting a sweet scent to set the mood for a Halloween reading session.

- A Sweet Halloween 2021 pun tee with a humorous quote that combines the love for literature and a good laugh, making it a perfect wear for book club gatherings or casual outings.

- A Sweet Halloween 2021 metal witch sign that reads "Not every witch lives in Salem," adding a touch of whimsy and Halloween spirit to your decor.

- A Sweet Halloween 2021 pumpkin carving kit for those who enjoy bringing their favorite book characters to life in pumpkin form.

- A cozy Spooky Halloween 2021 Aesop's Fables blanket to snuggle under while diving into spooky stories.

- A charming Sweet Halloween 2023 cauldron mug, perfect for sipping on hot beverages during chilly October nights.

- A stylish Sweet Halloween 2023 coffin purse with white bat designs, combining functionality with Halloween flair.

- An eye-catching Sweet Halloween 2023 ring featuring a black design with a red gemstone, adding a mysterious touch to your Halloween outfit.

- A Spooky Halloween 2023 eerie Halloween sign and a set of Spooky Halloween 2023 Halloween pillowcases to decorate your reading nook or bedroom with a spooky ambiance.

- A Spooky Halloween 2023 hanging lantern to light up your reading space with a soft, eerie glow.

Each product in the collection is thoughtfully chosen to enrich the experience of reading and celebrating Halloween, making it a much-anticipated offering from Once Upon a Book Club. This blend of reading and festive celebration is what makes their Halloween Collection so special, offering a unique way to immerse into the spirit of the season with a book in hand.