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Tech Gadgets & Electronics: Ultimate Book Lover Gifts Unveiled

You May Say I'm a Dreamer Book Light: A Dreamy Gift for Book Lovers

The You May Say I'm a Dreamer book light, featured in Once Upon a Book Club's June 2020 Adult box alongside Reset by Sarina Dahlan, boasts a magnetic exterior for effortless attachment to metal surfaces. Ideal for reading enthusiasts, its soft illumination, complemented by a micro USB charger, enhances the reading experience, although it does not feature color-changing pages.

Romanov Princess Wall Clock: Timeless Decor for Book Enthusiasts

Adorned with laser-engraved wood and an inspirational quote from The Storyteller by Kathryn Williams, the Romanov Princess Wall Clock requires a single AA battery for operation. Its unique design serves as an attractive addition to any book lover's space, making it a splendid gift.

Romantasy Box Volume 1 - Moon Light: Illuminate the Night with Whimsy

The Romantasy Box Volume 1 moon-shaped light that alternates between peach/rose and white colors. Complete with a wooden stand and a micro USB charger, this whimsical light adds a touch of magic to any reader's room.

Other Side of Neverland - Peter Pan Book Light: A Vintage Gift That Shines

This book light features a vintage Peter Pan cover and emits a warm glow through small cutouts when closed, combining nostalgia with modern convenience via a USB outlet. It's a charming gift that brings a storybook to life.

Matchmaking Disaster - Tablet Sleeve: Stylish Protection for Tech-Savvy Readers

This tablet sleeve, adorned with a delightful leaf pattern and a zippered closure, is designed to fit an 11" tablet, Kindle, or small laptop, doubling as a protective case for books. It's a practical and stylish gift for readers who love to blend technology with their passion for reading.

Matchmaking Disaster - Frother & Stencils: Stir Up Literary Delight in Every Cup

This inventive set pairs a coffee frother with book-themed stencils, encouraging creative expression in every beverage or dessert. It's a perfect blend of culinary art and literary love, ideal for those who appreciate a good book and a beautifully crafted drink.

Leave No Trace - Wireless Earbuds: Tune Into Style and Sound

Featuring a custom rust tone with a leaf pattern, these earbuds come with a charging case and micro-USB-to-USB cable, offering both convenience and style for music and book enthusiasts alike. They make for a thoughtful gift that combines functionality with a love for literature.

Secrets of the Sea - Book Fan: A Breezy Tribute to Literary Classics

Inspired by Those We Drown by Amy Goldsmith, this compact fan, shaped like "The Iliad," offers a blend of literary homage and practicality. With its rechargeable design and two speeds, it's a thoughtful and useful gift for any book lover looking to stay cool while immersed in their favorite tales.

Secrets of the Sea - Wireless Phone Charger: Charge Your Devices with a Literary Twist

Inspired by the novel Those We Drown by Amy Goldsmith, this wireless phone charger supports most smartphones and includes a USB cable. It provides a unique and functional accessory for readers who cherish both literature and the latest technology.