DIY Bookmark Workshop: A Creative Party Favor

A vibrant array of coloring bookmarks, pencils, notebooks, and scissors arranged on a pastel yellow background for crafting.

Bookish crafts are one of our favorite activities, and we had such fun making our own origami corner bookmark! Here at Once Upon a Book Club, we love getting together with fellow book lovers and talking about all things bookish. Give us a glass of wine and those obligatory snacks, add a bookish activity, and we’ll be in seventh heaven!

A DIY Bookmark Workshop is not just an activity; it's a fabulous way for you and your guests to connect, create, and celebrate the joy of crafting together. There is no time better than the present to start organizing an afternoon or evening of fun-filled, bookish creations.

Come on, a DIY bookmark workshop is just what you need. It’s a great excuse for a spontaneous book club get-together or a fun activity for the family!

Colorful crafting materials spread out, including beads, buttons, yarn, ribbons, and paper on a bright yellow background.

Getting Started: Gathering Materials

One of the best things about bookmark crafting is the wide range of materials that can be used, and a big plus is that it's an activity that caters to all ages and skill levels.

Here's a list of basic supplies to get you started and you’re bound to have most of them lying around the house!

  • Cardboard or Heavy Paper: A sturdy base for the bookmarks.
  • Decorative Paper: Patterned or textured paper for layering.
  • Ribbons, Twine, and Yarn: For tassels or decorative ties.
  • Stickers, Washi Tape, and Stamps: For embellishment.
  • Markers, Pens, and Colored Pencils: For drawing or writing.
  • Scissors and Hole Punches: For cutting and shaping.
  • Glue and Tape: For assembly.
  • Laminator (optional): For durability.

Start scouring those desk drawers for extras like beads, feathers, material scraps, magazines, and old photos! Let your creativity run wild!

Setting Up Your Workshop

It's time to get your supplies organized and, if possible, arrange your tables in a way that materials are easily accessible, with separate stations for cutting, gluing, and embellishing.  You can even set up separate themed workstations:

  • Nature Station: Use pressed flowers, leaves, and natural fibers.
  • Vintage Station: Provide old maps, book pages, lace, and vintage photographs.
  • Modern Art Station: This is perfect for those geometric shapes, bold colors, and abstract design stickers.
  • Fantasy Station: Include dragon, fairy, and mystical creature stickers, along with glitter and metallic markers.
Handcrafted bookmarks with delicate watercolor illustrations and quotes lying on an open book beside a green plant.

OUABC’s Super Simple Guide For The Perfect Bookmark

Cut Your Base

Begin by deciding on the size and shape of your bookmark. A standard size is about 2 x 6 inches, but feel free to make it any size you fancy. Use your ruler and pencil to measure and mark your cardboard, then carefully cut it out using scissors or a craft knife.

Decorate with Flair

This is where your creativity shines! Decorate one side (or both!) of your bookmark base with your chosen materials. You could create a collage with magazine cutouts, draw designs with markers or pens, or glue on pressed flowers for a nature-inspired look. If you're using glue, apply it sparingly to avoid wrinkling the paper.

Add Details and Text

Personalize your bookmark further by adding quotes from your favorite books, motivational sayings, or even a simple "This book belongs to:" message. You can write directly on the bookmark or print out text to glue on.

Embellish and Personalize

For a finishing touch, add any embellishments you like. You can punch a hole at the top of the bookmark and thread through a ribbon or tassel. Alternatively, decorate the edges with washi tape or attach buttons/beads for a 3D effect.

Seal and Protect

To ensure your bookmark withstands the test of time (and many books!), consider laminating it. You can use a laminating machine if you have access to one, or cover both sides of the bookmark with clear packing tape, leaving a small margin around the edges, and then trim the excess.

Creative Ideas to Get You Started

Themed Bookmarks

Create bookmarks that match the themes of your favorite books or genres like magical realism, contemporary or historical fiction, and even thrillers!

Seasonal Bookmarks

Celebrate the seasons with themed bookmarks, using colors and elements that match the time of year, like spring flowers or fall leaves.

Mood Bookmarks

Craft bookmarks to reflect different reading moods—cozy, adventurous, relaxed—using colors and imagery to convey the vibe.

Personalized Photo Bookmarks

Photo stations are simply the bee’s knees, and setting up a station where guests can print photos from their smartphones adds a whole new personal dimension. They can then create bookmarks using these personal photos, embellishing them for a personal touch.

Bookmark Stories

Create bookmarks based on favorite books or characters. Here’s a few to get the creative juices flowing!

A collage of six books with vibrant covers, part of Once Upon a Book Club selections, arranged artistically with thematic props.

Holiday Bookmarks

Depending on the time of year, tailor your workshop to reflect the holidays. Use motifs and colors suitable for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, and dare we say, National Reading Month?

Literary Quotes

We love literary quotes and you can easily transform a quote from your favorite book or author into an artistic masterpiece!


Creating your own bookmarks is not just a craft; it's a celebration of your love for books. Each bookmark you create holds the potential to make your reading experience even more special or bring a smile to another reader's face.

So grab your materials, unleash your creativity, and start making bookmarks that mark more than just the page—they mark moments of joy, reflection, and adventure in your reading journey. Happy crafting!

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