a white hand holding a brush paints on a white canvas. Acrylic paint tubes are scattered over the marble surface along with a white painter's palette and two more brushes

Once Upon a Book Club

Arts & Crafts Collection

Have a little bookish fun with hobbies and crafts that highlight your favorite moments from the stories featured in our Book Club boxes!


    About our Bookish Crafting Collection

    Even the most avid reader needs a break every now and again, and our bookish crafting collection will have you creating a masterpiece before you know it.
    What is Halloween without that artfully cut-out pumpkin? Our pumpkin carving set is the only tool you need to turn that ordinary pumpkin into one that will have you the envy of the neighborhood! And with its durable case and orange detailing reading “Embrace Your Inner Witch,” need we say more?
    You may be surprised to know that pumpkins weren’t always the vegetable of choice when it came to carving out scary faces. The story starts long ago in Ireland, and as the myth goes, Stingy Jack tricked the devil, and when he died, he wasn’t allowed into heaven, and the devil wouldn’t have him either. And so he was sentenced to roam the earth for eternity. So the Irish started carving scary faces out of turnips to frighten him away, but when they immigrated to the US, they began using pumpkins!
    At Once Upon a Book Club, we aren’t just about reading; we are also about getting creative and having fun. Let your imagination run wild; perhaps it is time to carve your very own spooky creation.
    We can’t wait to add to our bookish collection, so keep an eye out for our next arrival.