a gold miniature locket necklace in a box on top of an open book

Once Upon a Book Club

Bookish Jewelry collection

These sentimental pieces are so important to the characters in our book selections, and now they're yours to cherish after you read.

About our Bookish Jewelry Collection

As you know, we are all about attention to detail, and it’s the little things that make a difference. Jewelry is all about making a personal statement. Beautiful pieces are bound to inspire you, and we have just the right ones to match your mood. 

Necklaces For Book Lovers

We love the mystery of our Souls of the Sea necklace. This elegant necklace, with its unique gold chain and the aquamarine-toned pendant, has a history; perhaps it belonged to a mermaid, or have we captured the seafoam itself? This beautiful necklace subtly elevates any outfit, and besides, who doesn’t love a bit of mystery?

Bracelets For Book Lovers

Our Through Thick And Thin freshwater pearl and 18k gold plated bracelet is one of a kind. Taking its inspiration from We Are Not Like Them by Christine Pride and Jo Piazza, we can’t help putting it on our birthday and Christmas lists. Talking about birthdays and Christmas, we have a special gift included for you written by the authors exclusively for OUABC readers.

Necklace Sets

And last but not least is our Sweet Halloween sun and moon necklace set. Inspired by the necklace worn in Midnight Spells Murder by Mary Angela, this beautiful metal alloy necklace with its hammered finished moon and sun pendant is great for any occasion. 

Our bookish jewelry is the perfect gift; after all, each of our pieces has a great story behind it and what better way to keep the memories alive or make new ones every time you go out?