A copy of Fake It Till You Bake It by Jamie Wesley is in the corner. A tube of dark pink lipstick sits opened on top of the book cover. The tube is white and covered in rainbow dots. A pink box with a pattern of multi-colored sprinkles sits opened beneath the lipstick with Page 177 written on it.

Once Upon a Book Club

Bath, Health, & Beauty collection

Feel a bit more bookish every day with the perfect perfume, lipstick, and other gifts inspired by books!

About our Bath, Health, & Beauty Collection

Enchanting Bath, Health, & Beauty Finds: Best Gifts for Book Lovers Unveiled

Once Upon a Book Club's Health & Beauty collection is a carefully curated selection of products designed to complement and enhance the immersive reading experience for which the brand is celebrated. This unique collection intersects the world of literature with personal well-being, offering subscribers and visitors a distinctive blend of items that not only cater to their love for books but also their desire for relaxation and self-care.

Best Gifts for Book Lovers: The Fantastical Relaxation of the Romantasy Box Volume 2 - Mud Mask

Among the standout items in the collection, the Romantasy Box Volume 2 - Mud Mask emerges as a best gift for book lovers, offering a perfect blend of fantasy and relaxation. This innovative product is crafted to transport users to their favorite fictional realms while indulging in a luxurious spa-like treatment without leaving home. 

Its rich formula is designed to rejuvenate the skin thoroughly, leaving it feeling exceptionally soft and refreshed. This delightful enhancement to any reading session makes diving into the next chapter of a beloved book all the more enjoyable, ensuring an immersive and soothing experience for every book enthusiast.

Bed and Bath Gifts: Cosmic Hydration with "Written in the Stars - Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum

Another gem, perfect as a bed and bath gift, is the Written in the Stars - Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum, inspired by the mystery and allure of the cosmos. This celestial-themed serum is designed to offer deep hydration and restore the skin's youthful glow, echoing the enchantment of discovering a new favorite book. 

Its formulation, gentle yet effective, is crafted to be suitable for all skin types, making it an ideal addition to a nightly skincare routine. Perfect for those late-night reading sessions, it ensures that lovers of literature can pamper their skin as they lose themselves in the pages of a book, blending self-care with the joy of reading.

Crafting Your Narrative with Write Your Own Story - Hand Lotion

The collection also features the Write Your Own Story - Hand Lotion, a metaphorical reminder of the power of storytelling, both in the books we read and the lives we lead, making it an ideal bed and bath gift for enthusiasts of literature and comfort alike. This nourishing hand lotion keeps the skin hydrated and soft, essential for those who love to hold a book in one hand and a comforting beverage in the other. 

Its inclusion in a bed and bath gifts selection underscores its purpose: to enrich the reader's experience with a tactile sense of luxury and care. Its lightweight formula is designed to absorb quickly, ensuring that turning pages or settling into a warm bath is as smooth as the lotion itself, blending seamlessly into a relaxing bedtime or bath time routine.

Enchanting Aromas with Sweet Halloween 2022 - Essential Oil Set

Lastly, the Sweet Halloween 2022 - Essential Oil Set emerges as the best gift for book lovers, offering a seasonal treat that marries the whimsical spirit of Halloween with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. 

This exquisite set includes a variety of scents meticulously designed to evoke the playful and spooky essence of October's end, making it perfect for setting the mood during a gripping horror story or a cozy mystery read. 

For those who cherish the immersive experience of reading, especially during the enchanting Halloween season, this essential oil set enhances the atmosphere, allowing readers to fully dive into their literary adventures with an added sensory dimension.

The Ultimate Indulgence for Book Lovers: Once Upon a Book Club's Health & Beauty Collection

Once Upon a Book Club's Health & Beauty collection is more than just a series of products; it's a celebration of the sensory experience that reading can be. By merging the tactile pleasure of self-care with the intellectual and emotional engagement of reading, this collection invites book lovers to indulge in a holistic approach to their favorite pastime, making each page turn an opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation.