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Once Upon a Book Club

Artwork collection

Bring your love for books into your home decor with artwork exclusive to Once Upon a Book Club boxes


    About our Artwork Collection

    Artistic Delights for the Avid Book Lover: A Unique Artwork Collection

    The Artwork collection at Once Upon a Book Club offers an array of digital and physical products aimed at enriching the reading experience with visually appealing designs. 

    From digital reading journals to decorative quote prints and bookmarks, each item is thoughtfully created to inspire readers and add a touch of literary charm to any space. 

    This collection is perfect for those looking to blend their love for books with their appreciation for art and organization.

    OUABC Reading Journal for Book Lovers (Digital Download)

    This exclusive 10-page Reading Journal for book lovers is designed for versatility, allowing for digital use on tablets or phones with apps like Goodnotes or Notability, or as a printable version for those who prefer writing with pens. 

    It features 10 undated template pages, reusable for continuous tracking and organizing of your reading journey. 

    The pages include sections for Reading Goals, Book Reviews, Monthly Recaps, To-Be-Read (TBR) Lists, Five Star Favorites, a yearly roundup of the Best Books, Wish Lists, Series Tracking, Favorite Quotes, and a DNF (Did Not Finish) Graveyard, catering to all your reading organization needs.

    Quote Print Bundles

    This selection, perfect for book lovers, offers over 60 variations of quote prints, making each bundle a delightful surprise. 

    Customers can choose their preferred bundle from the available options, though they should be aware that supplies are limited and subject to change without notice. 

    The images showcase examples of the quote prints you might find, providing a glimpse into the possible treasures, but do not guarantee those exact prints will be included.

    Bookmarks for Books: A Reader's Collection

    This offering features a diverse selection of bookmarks for books, sourced from previous boxes, adding an element of surprise to every bundle related to the book you read. 

    Customers have the opportunity to choose their favorite bundle from the options provided, although it's important to remember that availability is limited and can change without notice. 

    While images display a range of available bookmark designs, there is no guarantee that the specific designs shown will be included in your order.

    Love at the Last Stop - Adventure Fund Frame for Book Lovers

    This product enhances reading experiences for any book lover with a double-sided Adventure Fund frame that not only opens to reveal three slots for cherished photos but also serves as a shadow box for saving funds for future literary journeys. 

    It includes two images inspired by the enriching September Adult novel, The Lost Ticket by Freya Sampson, designed to be easily removable and perfectly complementing the aesthetic of a reader's space.

    Enrich Your Reading Space: Explore the Artwork Collection at Once Upon a Book Club

    The Artwork collection at Once Upon a Book Club caters to the aesthetic desires of every book lover, offering an array of visually appealing digital and physical items specifically designed to elevate the ambiance of any reading nook.

    Central to this collection is the OUABC Reading Journal, available for digital download, which is an essential tool for any book enthusiast. 

    It features unique book trackers and reading organization pages, enabling readers to document their literary journeys meticulously. 

    Additionally, Quote Print and Bookmark Bundles are included, perfect for both decorating your space and marking the pages of your current read.

    Moreover, the Love at the Last Stop - Adventure Fund Frame adds a decorative touch that not only beautifies your reading area but also inspires you to save for your next reading-related adventure.