A large blue and purple special edition box titled The Romantasy Box sits on a white surface. Purple and pink flowers lay in a bouquet next to the box.

Once Upon a Book Club

Romantasy collection

Inspired by worlds outside our own, the Romantasy collection features stunning romantic fantasy books custom designed by the OUABC team and gifts magically brought to life.


    About our Romantasy Collection

    Enchanted Reads: Unveiling the Romantasy Collection for Romance Book Enthusiasts

    Enchanted Reads: Unveiling the Romantasy Collection for Romance Book Enthusiasts opens a portal to a world where love and magic intertwine, presenting a specially curated selection of romance books. This collection is designed for those who yearn for tales of heart-stirring romance set against a backdrop of fantastical realms. Each book promises to whisk readers away on an adventure of passion and enchantment, making it the perfect treasure trove for aficionados of love’s many wonders.

    Aesthetic Elegance: The North Wind - A Visual Feast for Romance Readers

    The North Wind - BOOK ONLY is a beautifully designed edition of Alexandria Warwick's novel, featuring custom artwork, stenciled edges, and metal corner tabs, making it an exquisite gift for romance book enthusiasts. This special edition enhances the reading experience with its aesthetic appeal, offering readers both a visual and literary journey. It's an ideal choice for those who cherish the tactile sensation of reading and appreciate the artistry of book design. 

    Love's Artistry Unfolded: The West Wind - A Masterpiece for Romance Book Lovers

    The West Wind - BOOK ONLY is a romance novel that captivates readers with its enchanting narrative and exquisite physical design, including custom artwork, stenciled edges, and metal corner tabs. It's an ideal gift for fans of romance books, offering a unique reading experience that combines a compelling love story with a beautifully crafted edition. This special book not only feeds the imagination but also serves as a decorative treasure on any bookshelf. 

    Moonlit Romance: Enhancing Reading Nooks with Romantasy Box Vol 1 - Moon Light

    The Romantasy Box Volume 1 - Moon Light includes a moon-shaped light that can glow in peach/rose and white colors, offering a charming addition to any reading nook. It comes with a Micro USB charger and a wooden stand, creating a magical atmosphere perfect for diving into romance novels. This light is an enchanting gift for young readers who love romance books, providing them with a cozy ambiance for their reading adventures. 

    Sipping Stories: Romantasy Box Vol 1 Blends Mug Warmth with Sage Whispers

    The Romantasy Box Volume 1 - Mug and Sage includes an oversized, adorable speckled mug and a bundle of sustainably sourced sage from California. This set combines practicality with a touch of romantic mystique, making it a delightful gift for enthusiasts of romance books. It offers a sensory experience that complements the immersive worlds of romance novels, perfect for enjoying a warm drink while delving into a favorite book. 

    Enchanted Illumination: Romantasy Box Vol 2 Globe Light for Romance Readers

    The Romantasy Box Volume 2 - Glass Globe Light is a unique gift for lovers of romance books, featuring an engraved glass globe with a serene forest scene and a base inscribed with an inspiring quote. It's an ideal addition to any reader's space, creating a magical ambiance perfect for diving into a new novel. This decorative piece not only enhances the reading experience but also serves as a beautiful reminder of the stories that touch our hearts. 

    Pamper & Read: Romantasy Box Vol 2 Mud Mask for Book Lovers

    The Romantasy Box Volume 2 - Mud Mask is a deep cleansing, green clay facial mask created exclusively for Once Upon a Book Club readers, inspired by The West Wind by Alexandria Warwick. This luxurious skincare product aims to provide a radiant, glowing complexion, perfectly complementing a relaxing reading session of favorite romance books. Ideal for a pampering night in with a beloved novel, it's a thoughtful addition to gifts for lovers of romance literature. 

    Heartstrings and Heroines: A Curated Collection of Romance Reads

    In Enchanted Reads: Unveiling the Romantasy Collection for Romance Book Enthusiasts, we journey through a realm where the allure of romance intertwines with the mystique of fantasy. Each item in the collection, from bespoke books to enchanting decor, is curated to elevate the reading experience, making every story not just a read but an adventure. This collection is a testament to the magic that unfolds when romance and fantasy meet, promising to captivate the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere.