A white woman lays on her stomach on top of a waterproof picnic blanket. She is holding the book Kismat Connection by Ananya Devarajan which is the inspiration for the picnic blanket she is laying on.

Once Upon a Book Club

Outdoors collection

Bring your love of books into the great outdoors with an array of items inspired by your favorite reads.

About our Outdoors Collection

Outdoor Escapes: Bookish Gifts for Nature-Loving Readers

The Outdoors Collection: A Treasure Trove of Bookish Gifts

Once Upon a Book Club's Outdoors collection captures the essence of adventure and the great outdoors, perfectly complementing the spirit of exploration found in many of the stories featured in their book club. 

This collection is a treasure trove of items, each designed to enhance the reading experience for those who love to immerse themselves in tales of adventure, exploration, and the natural world. It's the ideal selection of book-inspired gifts for anyone who enjoys the blend of reading and nature.

Guided By Flames - Magic Flame Packet: A Bookish Gift for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Among the standout items in the collection, the Guided By Flames - Magic Flame Packet emerges as a unique accessory for the outdoors. 

This enchanting product is designed to transform any campfire into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors, serving as the perfect companion for nights spent under the stars, engrossed in a beloved book. 

It offers a novel way to infuse a sprinkle of magic into outdoor reading adventures or gatherings, embodying the ideal book-inspired gift for those who cherish both literature and the great outdoors.

Written in the Stars - Travel Picnic Blanket: A Stylish Bookish Gift for Readers

The Written in the Stars - Travel Picnic Blanket stands out as a cherished highlight within the collection, providing a cozy and fashionable foundation for any outdoor reading journey. 

Ideal for those moments of tranquility in a serene park, beside the soothing sounds of a brook, or within the secluded embrace of a forest, this picnic blanket extends an invitation to unwind and immerse oneself in the realms of imagination, all while enveloped by the natural world. 

It's a quintessential book-inspired gift, offering comfort and style to those eager to explore literary adventures in the great outdoors.

The Brave Explorer - Binoculars: Essential Bookish Gifts for the Adventurous Reader

For those who venture into the depths of both the natural world and fantastical realms, The Brave Explorer - Binoculars emerge as an indispensable accessory for outdoor exploration. 

More than just a tool for birdwatching or admiring distant landscapes, these binoculars embody the spirit of curiosity and adventure that animates the protagonists of numerous tales curated by Once Upon a Book Club. 

They stand as a poignant symbol of the endless mysteries and uncharted territories awaiting discovery, encouraging readers to seek out their own adventures in the great outdoors and within the boundless universes of their favorite books.

Hydration Meets Goals: The Tracking Water Bottle 

Combining the essentials of hydration with the inspiration of goal achievement, The Advent 2023 - Goal Tracking Water Bottle is an ideal pick for book lovers who pursue adventure both in literature and life. 

Tailored for readers passionate about personal milestones—be it in reading, fitness, or self-improvement—this water bottle acts as a vital companion for staying quenched during outdoor explorations or engrossed reading marathons. 

It's a thoughtful book-inspired gift, enabling avid readers to monitor their water intake effortlessly while they journey through their goals and the pages of their latest adventure.

Steer Your Own Dreams - Winter Beanie: A Warm Bookish Gift for Winter Readers

As the cold days draw near, the Steer Your Own Dreams - Winter Beanie becomes an essential layer for any outdoor reader. 

This snug beanie not only provides the warmth needed for those frosty mornings spent lost in a book but also acts as a fashionable nudge to pursue one's aspirations and craft one's narrative, echoing the resilience and ambition of beloved characters from favorite novels. 

It's a perfect book-inspired gift, combining style with the motivational spirit of literature, ideal for keeping readers cozy and inspired during their winter reading sessions.

Once Upon a Book Club's Outdoors Collection: A Haven of Bookish Gifts for Nature Readers

Once Upon a Book Club's Outdoors Collection presents a meticulously selected array of products that inspire bibliophiles to venture beyond indoor confines, merging the escapades encountered in literature with the boundless adventures of the real world. 

Every piece in this collection acts as a steadfast ally to narratives of discovery, providing both functionality and a sprinkle of enchantment to reading sessions under the open sky. 

This collection stands as an invitation to seamlessly integrate the magic of books with the beauty of nature, making it an essential selection of book-inspired gifts for those who cherish exploring both pages and paths.