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The Romantasy book Box



Once Upon a Book Club is a book subscription service, offering a gateway into the realm of literature. Our collections, which often feature our exclusive book editions as detailed below, are thoughtfully curated by our expert team and frequently spotlight works from acclaimed authors. Each subscription to our book club is accompanied by an array of bespoke gifts, designed to breathe life into your monthly reads - an ideal treat for the insatiable bibliophile. Our mission is to craft an unforgettable, enchanting reading journey, uniting book enthusiasts as they traverse uncharted territories and confront their deepest apprehensions. So, why the hesitation? Step forth and become a member of Once Upon a Book Club, where we promise to transport you into the most gratifying book club experience you've ever encountered!

The Romantasy Box

In The Romantasy Box, The North Wind is a truly captivating read. This novel has captured the attention of fantasy romance fans with its Greek lore sprinkling and enemies-to-lovers story at heart. This Alexandria Warwick masterpiece tells the story of Wren of Edgewood and the Frost King. They are the central characters of The North Wind.

For three hundred years, the land known as the Gray has been encased in ice, surrounded by a great barrier called the Shade. Wren has had to remain on guard for her entire life as she survives in these dangerous conditions. Only an unholy union between the Frost King and a mortal woman can stop the land from collapsing.

Once Upon a Book Club's Romantasy Box brings The North Wind to life through four incredible gifts. From a letter written by the author for Once Upon a Book Club readers to a signed bookplate and more - The Romantasy Box is The North Wind, re-imagined.

The Viscount Who Loved Me 

The Viscount Who Loved Me

The Viscount Who Loved Me, the second novel of Julia Quinn's critically acclaimed Bridgerton series, is a passionate historical romance that continues the story of the Bridgerton siblings' eldest member, Anthony Bridgerton. Following its release in 2000, Julia Quinn's reputation as a historical romance writer soared, hitting the #1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller List.

In the novel, Anthony Bridgerton, known for his years as one of the town's most notorious rakes, decides to marry. His father died at a young age, and he is afraid he will meet the same fate. However, everything changes when Kate Sheffield arrives on the scene and throws Anthony's plans into disarray. A series of dramatic events lead to Anthony declaring his marriage to Kate.

Once Upon a Book Club is a subscription that allows you to live this historically dramatic masterpiece like never before. Their exclusive edition offers custom artwork on the front cover, back cover, endpapers, and spine! 

The Duke And I

The Duke And I

The Duke and I marks the beginning of the Bridgerton series. The novel's focus is Daphne Bridgerton, the family's eldest daughter and the fourth among the siblings. It was released a few months before The Viscount Who Loved Me, and its writing brilliance catapulted the series into the limelight. Its deserved recognition, however, came much later. It made it to #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List after the success of the series' Netflix adaptation.

Daphne has been determined to find a husband for the last two years. But despite her best efforts, she's had no luck. She's starting to think most men see her more as a friend than as a potential wife. However, events in the novel lead to Daphne meeting the new Duke of Hastings, and things are never the same again.

It features stunning special edition artwork on the back cover, front cover, custom end papers, and spine. And the title page features a signature from the one and only Julia Quinn - the creator of the Bridgerton series.

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