Author Spotlight: Getting to know Alexandria Warwick

Alexandria Warwick

Some authors are passionate about other art forms outside writing that help nurture their creative writing. For Alexandria Warwick, performing in orchestras is something that fuels her passion for literature.

This Florida native loves to drink tea, and she has a particular obsession with Avatar: The Last Airbender. Her love for writing is evident from a young as when she started a book writing club with two friends.

Her love for the creation of great stories only grew larger daily, and she feels creating something new is always essential in her life. Writing, painting, and performing are the times when she feels truly free.

Alexandria Warwick Publications

Her books are a mix of fantasy, magic, myth, and romance that keeps readers glued to the pages as they learn more about the characters. It is always essential for a writer to be able to understand how to create a proper pace for the content.

Alexandria Warwick has shown an amazing level of skill in that regard. Her writing always gives you room to breathe, but it will ramp up the intensity to keep you on your toes. The following is a rundown of her books and what you can expect from the content.

Four Wind Series

This is a series of four standalone romance novels with fantasy as a heavy part of the narrative. There are also incredible worlds that will captivate the reader from beginning to end. The North Wind  is the first of this series, and it has quickly become a popular choice for her followers.

The North series

This Dark and engaging fantasy series includes mythology, slow-burn romance, enemies turned into lovers, and a diverse representation of characters. An amazing selection of books for those who love immersive stories.


    This is Alexandria’s first novel in her North series, and it reveals a gripping story about a face steaking demon and the journey of Apaay, a young woman in search of her sister’s face. To make her way to her goal, she must traverse a very perilous journey with characters that could easily be friends or foes.


      This follow-up to Below is all about an intricate and very complex oat that Apaay took when she was trapped in that labyrinth in search of her sister’s face. This is a book about soul searching and knowing who deserves to be called a friend during a journey that is plagued with foes.


        Nanuq, master of all polar bears, seeks to gain a terrifying power that would allow him to have full control of all men and animals. This tale also involves Apaay and her relentless quest to protect her loved ones.

        The Demon Race

        A tale that merges fantasy and the delicate nature of our relationship with good and evil. This is a tale of a seventeen-year-old protagonist that must endure serious trials to find herself free from the impending shackles of an arranged marriage.

        Why do we recommend Alexandria Warwick?

        Alexandria comes from a place of intense passion and love for writing, and this alone makes her books worth reading. She knows how to write novels that people can easily turn into vivid images for full engagement. Recommending her work is an obvious choice for us, given the appeal of her content.

        We love featuring Alexandria’s books at Once Upon a Book Club

        Great writers are the backbone of our service, and we are always looking for the highest quality content. This is why Alexandria Warwick’s books are welcome with open arms due to their engaging nature.

        Become closely familiar with Alexandria Warwick’s writing right here!


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