July 2024 Young Adult Hint

Book cover for 'Southern Gothic,' featuring a skull adorned with colorful flowers, set against a dark, cobwebbed background.

We are thrilled to share our July Young Adult hint, Southern Gothic! 🎂🪦

From the author of Starlings and perfect for fans of Yellowjackets, this gripping story delves into small-town secrets, unbreakable friendships, and the terrifying truths your parents never tell you.

Sixteen years ago, six girls were born on the same day. Now, on their shared birthday, one of them has gone missing. For most of their lives, these six best friends were inseparable. A rift eventually caused their friendships to fracture, leaving only two still together.

On the night of their sixteenth birthday, one girl is left on her front porch while the other heads home—only to disappear without a trace. She’s gone for two days, and when she returns, something is terribly wrong. She’s sick, with no memory of what happened during her absence.

Her mysterious return brings the six friends back together, rekindling their sisterhood. But when another girl disappears, they realize they share more than just a birthday. Something sinister is waiting for them, and it’s claiming them one by one.

Deep down, they know it’s only a matter of time before they’re all taken. If they don’t save themselves, no one will.

On sale now through July 14th (or until we sell out), this box will bring the most intense moments to life! Boxes are expected to ship in late July.⁠

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