How Our Book Subscription Box is Different from Others


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Our lives are so busy that we sometimes forget to take time out, and that includes our children as well! Our book subscription box is the ideal way to spend that quality me-time! Here at Once Upon a Book Club, we are all about bringing books to life in our own unique way, and our subscription boxes are the perfect addition for everyone who needs a bit of escapism. 

At Once Upon a Book Club, you aren’t just a customer; you are part of our bookworm family!

What makes our book subscription box unique?

Nothing is left to chance as our team scours the world for the perfect books and exciting gifts. There is something about receiving our book box, it is like having a birthday every month, and we are exceptionally proud of our book-shaped box with its fun and whimsical packaging. 

Each month is full of surprises! At Once Upon A  Book Club, it's not just about reading; it is about the whole experience! 

How do our book boxes bring stories to life?

Each book subscription box contains a newly released novel with wrapped gifts labeled with corresponding page numbers, which have been carefully selected to bring the pages to life. As the story captivates your imagination and you find yourself being transported to another world, your reading pleasure is enhanced as you are prompted to open each gift at certain page numbers.

We love the anticipation of reaching the corresponding page number and, at last, being able to open up those special gifts which create that interactive experience we are renowned for. No cheating!

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Those customized special touches

Our book boxes also contain extras like the Book Club Kit, which is full of information and activities that simply add to your reading experience. Our bookmarks and quote cards are specifically designed each month, containing a quote from the novel, and some of our select boxes contain signed bookplates autographed by the author. 

In addition, our middle grade subscription boxes include extras like an exciting coloring page and a book passport.

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The Ultimate Book Box Subscription

Adult Book Subscriptions Boxes

Our incredible Adult Book Boxes include a newly-released, realistic fiction novel for readers aged 18 and over. When it comes to genres, our book boxes have contained everything from thrillers, contemporary, historical fiction, and magical realism through to mystery, romance, and more! 

Each box always contains those specially selected 3-5 wrapped gifts labeled with corresponding page numbers - You'll never want to read a book without gifts again. Read all about the best book subscription boxes for avid readers here!

Young Adult Book Subscription Boxes

Our exciting Young Adult Book Boxes will have even the most ardent tech fan captivated from the get-go. These exciting Young Adult Book Boxes feature newly-released books suitable for ages 14 and above. 

Featured books in the YA box include genres such as fantasy, contemporary, mystery, sci-fi, historical fiction, romance, and more! And yes, these boxes also include 3-5 wrapped gifts and those sought-after extras like the Book Club Kit, bookmarks, and quote cards.

Middle Grade Book Subscription Boxes

Perfect for all readers aged 7-12, this gender-neutral box features children's books in genres such as fantasy, mystery, contemporary, sci-fi, magical realism, and more! 

These engaging and exciting book boxes also include 2-3 wrapped gifts labeled with corresponding page numbers encouraging your little bookworm to keep turning pages and discover the magic of reading! And our coloring activities and book passports are always a huge hit.

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What are the different subscription options available for our book boxes?

We have something for everyone, from adults to young adults and middle grade readers, and with our four monthly subscription options, finding the perfect solution has never been easier. Choose from our Month-to-Month or from our 3, 6, or 12-month subscription plans. Our Subscription Boxes are billed monthly and auto-renew for your convenience. 

A Once Upon A Book Club subscription is a gift everyone deserves, and we go out of our way to ensure you are never disappointed!

What do our customers say?

We appreciate our loyal customers and are so excited that they keep coming back for more. If we haven’t convinced you yet, have a look at what our customers think. 

Like Gabrielle, who thinks of our book boxes as part of her self-care regime - “ The best self-care under $50 you could ask for! I always look forward to my monthly box.”

Or Jordan, who has rediscovered the love of books - “Once Upon a Book Club has reignited my love of reading. I forgot how fast I can read and how much I enjoy reading.”

And then there is Maddison, who just loves our book club - “Love the whole idea of any book club but with it also being interactive and receiving super cute and quality items to correspond, is so so fun!


At Once Upon A Book Club, we believe that reading is an essential part of life and that books have the power to transport us to different worlds and help us to escape from our daily routine. And our subscription book boxes are designed to help readers do just that.

What sets Once Upon A Book Club apart is our unique and interactive reading experience. Our boxes are designed to bring the pages of each book to life and include carefully selected gifts that add to the whole experience. As we like to say, “It is the gift that keeps on giving!” 

With subscription options for adults, young adults, and middle grader readers, there is something for everyone. So why not give the gift of a Once Upon A Book Club subscription box to yourself or a loved one today and experience the magic of reading like never before?