What are the different types of book box subscriptions?


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Welcome to Once Upon a Book Club, where our passion lies in bringing books to life through carefully curated book subscription boxes

As you know, we’re all about reading, discovering new authors, and most importantly, bringing books to life. We love putting in the hard work, scouting the world for the best books, and our delightful bookish gifts so that we can create and curate the best monthly book subscription boxes around!

Grab your favorite cup of tea, or glass of wine, curl up in your comfiest reading nook, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of book subscription boxes, where you can discover new literary wonders and bookish delights. From classic monthly book subscriptions to themed boxes, personalized selections, and international wonders, there's a treasure trove of literary delights waiting for you. 


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Monthly Book Subscription Boxes

The classic and most popular among them all – the Monthly Book Box Subscription! These gems come filled to the brim with carefully curated books tailored to your reading preferences. Many book box subscriptions partner with publishers to include the latest releases or even exclusive editions of well-loved classics. 

Alongside your bookish treasures, you might find some delightful surprises like bookmarks, bookplates, and bookish products. At Once Upon a Book Club, we don’t just include bookish products; we wrap each one up and add a corresponding page number, bringing books to life, one gift at a time!

Themed Book Boxes

Calling all genre enthusiasts! Themed Book Boxes are designed especially for those who love to explore specific genres or themes. Whether you're into spine-chilling mysteries, heartwarming romances, epic fantasies, or thought-provoking non-fiction, there's a themed box to suit your taste. These subscriptions offer a deep dive into your chosen genre, introducing you to both popular and lesser-known authors.

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Book Subscription Boxes For Kids

Instilling a love for reading in young minds is a gift that lasts a lifetime. That's where Middle Grade Book Boxes come in, catering to various age groups and reading levels. From picture books with beautiful illustrations for the little ones to captivating middle grade novels, these subscriptions inspire a lifelong love for literature in young readers.

Personalized Book Subscriptions

We all have unique reading tastes, and some book box subscriptions take this into account. Personalized Book Subscriptions use your reading preferences and interests to curate boxes that feel tailor-made just for you. Whether it's through detailed surveys or personalized recommendations from book experts, these subscriptions ensure you receive books that resonate with your literary soul.

International Book Boxes

Want to explore literature from around the world without leaving your home? International Book Boxes transport you to different countries and cultures through captivating stories and authors. These subscriptions open doors to a diverse range of voices and perspectives, broadening your literary horizons.

Non-Fiction Book Boxes

Let's not forget our non-fiction aficionados! Non-Fiction Book Boxes cater to those who enjoy learning about real-world events, biographies of inspiring individuals, and thought-provoking essays. These subscriptions feed your curious mind and spark engaging discussions.

Bookish Products Galore

Who says book subscription boxes are just about the books? For those who adore all things bookish, there are subscriptions that focus on book-related goodies. From cozy literary-themed apparel and scented candles that transport you to the world of your favorite novel to artistic prints and stationery, these boxes celebrate the magic of reading beyond the pages. We like to give you the best of both worlds; make sure to check out our past book box products. They make super-duper gifts!

Book Clubs with a Twist

Imagine the intellectual stimulation of participating in a book club, exchanging profound interpretations and emotional reverberations with fellow literary enthusiasts. The innovation of book club subscription boxes catapults this experience into a new dimension! You're not just obtaining a meticulously handpicked book. You're also unlocking access to an exclusive online society or virtual symposiums, where you can engage in dynamic discourses with individuals of a similar literary persuasion. This is the Book Club with a Twist - an intellectual banquet presented by Once Upon a Book Club.


In conclusion, the world of book subscription boxes is a treasure trove of literary delights and bookish wonders. With a diverse array of options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect subscription that suits your reading preferences and brings a smile to your face every month. 

Remember, book subscription boxes hold the key to discovering a world of literary magic, and with so many choices available – from monthly book subscriptions to themed book boxes – you're sure to find one that captures your heart and imagination!



What kind of book box subscriptions are available from OUABC?

Our monthly book box subscriptions cater to everyone from middle grade readers to young adults and adults. We also have different subscription options - month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month.

Our boxes typically contain one newly released book along with our wrapped gifts!

What age groups does OUABC book subscriptions boxes cater to?

We cater for middle grade readers, young adults and adults!

Can you choose your books for OUABC monthly book box subscriptions?

We scout the world for the latest and greatest books and bookish products, curating our sort-after book subscription boxes so you don’t have to! We like to leave the reading pleasure up to you!