Young Adult 2023

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a hardcover book Gwen and Art Are Not in Love by Lex Croucher and a black bottle of bath salts sit on top of a green box. In front of the green box are a black stone necklace in a square box, a rolled up embroidered scarf, and a hardcover book Our Crooked Hearts by Melissa Albert

Round Table Romance

December Box

Gwen and Art Are Not in Love by Lex Croucher

paperback copy of Check & Mate by Ali Hazelwood and a box with silver fig leaf earrings sit on a green box. In front of the green box are a rectangular box labeled Chess Set, a pack of silicone drinking straws, and a brown lunch bag that says If you never try, you'll never know

Love and Chess

November Box

Check & Mate by Ali Hazelwood

The Wicked Apothecary

October Box

The Scarlet Alchemist by Kylie Lee Baker
  • Page 81
    "I grabbed one of my hairpins from the floor and stabbed it into his wrist."
    - a gold and amethyst oversized hair pin.
  • Page 98
    "My copper rings had burned up in my last transformation, so I snatched my satchel and tightened the rope, slamming it into the side of the man's head."
    - a customized satchel crossbody bag.
  • Page 195
    "The box was full of red silk embroidered with gold cranes. Several coins fell out of the folds of the fabric."
    - a laser-cut wooden box containing a piece of red and gold fabric, three coins, and a letter inspired by the novel.
  • Page 406
    "Pearls spilled from my mouth, clattering to the floor."
    - a jar of edible sugar pearls.
  • Leaves of Magic

    September Box

    Forty Words for Love by Aisha Saeed
  • Page 14
    "Pulling the seashell from her pocket, Yas stole a glance toward her home."
    - a painted seashell pendant necklace.
  • Page 31
    "She tossed him a rag. 'Wipe down the table while you're there.'"
    - a custom designed set of four Swedish dish cloths.
  • Page 113
    "He stood behind her, watching her. She tightened her grip on her tote bag."
    - a teal-dyed woven produce tote bag.
  • Page 254
    "She retrieved her case of paints. The brushes of all different sizes, different from what she used on the mural."
    - a custom designed paint set including a palette, 4x6 canvas, three brushes, and twelve acrylic paints.
  • Secrets of the Sea

    August Box

    Those We Drown by Amy Goldsmith
  • Page 56
    "As I moved the chair out of the way of the desk, in order to unplug my phone charger, I frowned."
    - a custom designed, wireless charger.
  • Page 105
    "Bending down, I grabbed at the flash of brilliant fuchsia under the bed. A delicate silk scarf adorned with white skulls."
    - a custom designed fuchsia scarf with white skulls.
  • Page 143
    "In front of us, Bingo Bob started rattling off numbers. The numbers on the card swam in front my eyes."
    - a custom designed book bingo card.
  • Page 254
    "It was a well-thumbed copy of the "Iliad". Flicking through it looked as if several passages had been highlighted."
    - a custom designed desk fan in the shape of a book, printed with the cover of the "Iliad".
  • Written in the Stars

    July Box

    Kismat Connection by Ananya Devarajan
  • Page 110
    "Arjun lifted an eyebrow at her and picked up the earring. He cleaned it with the edge of his kurta before handing it over."
    - a pair of enamel dangle earrings.
  • Page 125
    "Arjun let go over her hand. He sat down on the picnic blanket and his head fell into his open palms."
    - a custom designed, roll-up picnic blanket.
  • Page 164
    "'Madhuri, you're holding our astrological charts in your hand right now and you know that's forbidden."
    - poster showing the astrological signs and their movements.
  • Page 215
    "Her fingertips trembled as she filled the transparent dropper with the rich oil."
    - a bottle of hyaluronic acid facial serum.
  • Ursula Awakens

    June Box

    Our Vengeful Souls by Kristi McManus
  • Page 6
    "I run my fingers over the scales of my tail, feeling each ridge, watching the iridescent colors merge from blue to green to purple."
    - a mint green woven mermaid tail blanket.
  • Page 43
    "My eyes fall on a small painting at the corner of the desk. I expect it to be of my mother, but as I draw closer, I see it is of a woman with long, flowing red hair, and dull, pale skin."
    - a custom designed set of four post cards featuring an eerie painting of a red-haired woman.
  • Page 59
    "With trembling hands, I cup the leaf, bringing it to my lips."
    - a custom designed leaf shaped soap dish with the words "I am powerful. I am strong. I will overcome." written on the bottom.
  • Page 238
    "The moment I turn, preparing to flee, the men at my sides leap forward. A net I had not seen hiding in the waves is launched into the air, falling over me."
    - an exfoliating bath net.
  • Finding Her Voice

    May Box

    Where You See Yourself by Claire Forrest
  • Page 99
    "'Wilder, this would look so good on you!' She takes the pink baseball cap she's wearing off her head and gets up on her tiptoes to place it playfully on Wilder's head."
    - a custom designed, screenprinted 'Empowered Women Empower Women' trucker hat.
  • Page 119
    "It's the awkward few days between Christmas and New Year's, and I'm sitting at the kitchen table, watching the red raspberry of my tea flood into the water, ignoring the blinking cursor of my Word document."
    - a box of raspberry tea.
  • Page 201
    "I lift the lid of the box. Inside sits a bracelet on a thin, dainty gold chain. Connecting the chain in the middle is a charm in the shape of a key. I squint and see that in the middle of the key the word BRAVE is engraved."
    - a custom gold chain bracelet featuring a charm holder. Inside is a tiny key charm with the word BRAVE engraved on it.
  • Mysterious Creatures

    April Box

    In Nightfall by Suzanne Young
  • Page 164
    "The object continues to flash in the moonlight. It takes me a moment to realize what I'm looking at. It's circular, metal - it's a watch. But...wait. My eyes widen and a scream starts in my throat. Because the watch is still attached to an arm."
    - a custom designed 'Nightfall' brand watch with faux leather strap packaged onto a cardboard cutout of an arm.
  • Page 201
    "She reaches into her jacket pocket and takes out a brightly colored hacky sack. She hands it to me and I look it over, perplexed."
    - a rainbow colored hacky sack.
  • Page 366
    "I notice my grandmother's purse looped around the top of the kitchen chair. I don't have time to think, don't have time to check on Nonna. I grab one of the stakes out of it and rush forward..."
    - a custom designed Dracula book purse containing a wooden stake.
  • A Kiss of Magic

    March Box

    Nightbirds by Kate J. Armstrong
    Page 35
    "Matilde slips on her Goldfinch mask. It's like a second skin: her truest face and best lie."
    - a black feather bird mask.
  • Page 270
    "He puts his hand over hers on the pestle, tilting its angle. His calluses rub against her skin."
    - a grey stone mortar and pestle.
  • Page 275
    "Jacinta narrows her eyes, rearranging the cards for no reason Aesa can discern. 'I painted these cards myself.'"
    - a set of three fortune cards, with a scratch off fortune on the back.
  • Page 360
    "As two Wardens drag her away, down hallways and through a series of dark tunnels, Aesa reaches up into her hair. A piece of sea glass is still there, buried deep within a braid she plaited days ago. She rubs it hard, making a wish."
    - a seaglass bar of soap.
  • Daughters of Expectation

    February Box

    The Davenports by Krystal Marquis
    Page 57
    "Music drifted from the box on her dresser as she lifted the lid. Carefully, she pried the bottom of the box up. The light glinted off the sharp edge of the ruby hidden beneath, teardrop-shaped and lovely."
    - a small travel jewelry box containing a teardrop-shaped pendant.
  • Page 102
    "In her hand was a slim book covered in pale blue cloth. 'The Art of Being Agreeable by Margaret E. Sanster.'"
    - a custom, stretchy fabric book cover.
  • Page 273
    "Only so much could fit in her mother's suitcase. She wished for a full-length mirrors the girls had in their rooms. She did her beset with the small round one on her nightstand."
    - a small, round, gold framed mirror with an Oscar Wilde quote printed along the bottom.
  • High Seas Heist

    January Box

    A Million to One by Adiba Jaigirdar
    Page 114
    "Her eyes landed on the rolled-up paper than Hinnah was clasping in her hands. 'What's that?' 'Floor plans of the ship.'"
    - a 12x18 poster print of the Titanic floor plans to frame.
  • Page 202
    "The Rubaiyat was so close. Josefa could make out the beautiful peacock-feathered cover, green and gold and unlike anything she had seen before."
    - a custom, moleskin journal with elastic closure.
  • Page 335
    "Josefa ran her hands over the book, feeling some of the jewels give way. When the book was hit with the knife, something must have loosened in the cover. She grabbed as many of the jewels from the cover as she could, holding them tight in her fist."
    - a set of fun costume face jewels.
  • Page 349
    "The ticking of it was like a heartbeat against her hands. It looked almost completely like the pocket watch that Violet had carried around with her."
    - a jeweled pocket watch.