March 2024 Adult Hint

Ocean liner silhouette against a sunset with "SHIP of DREAMS" text overlay.

The Adult Hint

We're thrilled to unveil our March Adult hint,  Ship of Dreams!🧊🚢

Step into a narrative spun by a USA Today Bestselling author, telling the captivating true story of three sisters at significant junctures in their lives. Their embarkation on the RMS Titanic in the spring of 1912 marks the beginning of a voyage that would dramatically reshape their futures in ways they never imagined.

This month's extraordinary book is a Once Upon a Book Club Experience Edition, featuring:

🚢 A bespoke, exclusive dust jacket crafted by the OUABC creative team⁠

🧊 Exquisite digital edges

🚢 Exceptional foiling on the fabric hardcase

🧊 Captivating custom endpapers

🚢 A matching bookplate signed by the author, adding a personal touch!

April, 1912: The final chapter of a grand European adventure—sailing back home on the most magnificent and luxurious ship ever made! For the sisters, this voyage is a chance to reflect on the historical wonders they've encountered and to consider the myriad possibilities that lie ahead.

The eldest sister is tormented by dark premonitions, stemming from a fortune teller's chilling warning about sea travel. The middle sister is caught in a complex romance, struggling with the choice between pursuing her true desires or succumbing to the expectations of others. The youngest sister keeps her genuine interests hidden, fearing the family divide they could cause.

Ideal for fans of Shana Abé and Patricia Falvey, this novel is richly detailed, weaving real historical figures and events into a story that explores the yearnings for autonomy and affection—and the unexpected events that can turn even the most carefully laid plans upside down.

On sale now through March 14th (or until we sell out!) This box is too good to miss. Boxes are expected to ship by the end of March.

For details on potential triggers in this month's selection, click here.

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