Upcoming Book Releases: June 2024 Highlights

June new releases displayed on a turquoise wooden background with flip-flops, a starfish, and sunglasses, evoking a summer theme.

Here at Once Upon a Book Club, we are so excited by all the upcoming book releases! Hello summer! Grab your sunglasses and flip-flops because we aren't 'shore' you're ready for all of these June-iquely amazing books this month!

We think it’s time to book your summer vacation, so pack your beach towel, sunglasses and sun hat and head out for that much-needed escape with these June releases!

une new releases showcasing six book covers: 'Swan Song,' 'A Talent for Murder,' 'Middle of the Night,' 'Not in Love,' 'Husbands and Lovers,' and 'Birding with Benefits.'

Swan Song by Elin Hilderbrand - Release Date: 06/11/2024

In her final Nantucket novel, Elin Hilderbrand brings us a tale soaked in mystery and high-society drama. As Chief of Police Ed Kapenash nears retirement, a catastrophic event—a multi-million-dollar home burnt to ashes—thrusts him back into the field.

The newcomers, the Richardsons, are at the heart of this upheaval, celebrating on their yacht while their personal assistant vanishes. Through luxurious parties and local gossip, Ed must unravel a complex web of relationships to solve his last case. Swan Song promises a blend of nostalgia and suspense, marking a bittersweet farewell to beloved characters and settings.

A Talent for Murder by Peter Swanson - Release Date: 06/11/2024

Peter Swanson's A Talent for Murder spins a web of deceit around newlywed Martha Ratliff as she begins to suspect her husband is a serial killer. This psychological thriller will take you through a chilling sequence of past murders coinciding with her husband's travels.

Known for his masterful suspense-building, Peter Swanson ensures that the secrets unveiled push the tension to its limits, making this novel a gripping read for thriller enthusiasts.

Middle of the Night by Riley Sager - Release Date: 06/18/2024

In Middle of the Night, Riley Sager takes us back to Hemlock Circle, where a childhood nightmare re-emerges thirty years later. Ethan Marsh must confront unsettling signs of his long-missing friend, Billy, in a neighborhood that might be haunted by more than just memories.

As Ethan digs deeper, the mystery expands into the surrounding woods and the secrets they hold. You will love this riveting tale where the past and present collide with terrifying consequences.

Not in Love by Ali Hazelwood - Release Date: 06/11/2024

Ali Hazelwood's Not in Love is a fiery exploration of forbidden romance in the scientific world. Biotech engineer Rue Siebert's life is upended when Eli Killgore, the handsome architect of a hostile takeover, challenges her professional and personal boundaries.

Their secret affair ignites amidst corporate warfare, blurring the lines between enemy and lover. This novel is a compelling narrative of passion, betrayal, and the complexities of the heart.

Make sure to check out our blog on Ali Hazelwood and get to know the author behind the books!

Husbands & Lovers by Beatriz Williams - Release Date: 06/25/2024

Travel through time and across continents with Beatriz Williams' Husbands & Lovers. This sweeping story intertwines the lives of two women linked by a family heirloom, exploring themes of love, legacy, and renewal.

Beatriz’ signature style of blending historical and contemporary elements shines in this novel, promising a story rich in drama and heartache. This fabulous novel is featured in our Summer Reading Box!

Birding with Benefits by Sarah T. Dubb - Release Date: 06/04/2024

In Sarah T. Dubb’s delightful rom-com, Birding with Benefits, Celeste embarks on a year of personal renaissance post-divorce, unexpectedly pairing up with John, a shy birdwatcher.

As they navigate their faux relationship amidst Arizona's birding contests, their casual fling starts to resemble something more profound. Dubb charmingly captures the quirky and transformative journey of two unlikely lovers finding their way.

June new releases showcasing six book covers: 'The Rom-Commers,' 'Past Present Future,' 'The Midnight Feast,' 'How to Get Over Your Ex,' 'One Cursed Rose,' and 'One of Our Kind.'

The Rom-Commers by Katherine Center - Release Date: 06/11/2024

Katherine Center's The Rom-Commers pits aspiring screenwriter Emma Wheeler against her idol, Charlie Yates, in a battle over a doomed script. Their collaboration in Los Angeles tests Emma’s beliefs in romance and her writing abilities.

With witty dialogue and heartfelt moments, Katherine Center crafts a story about the power of persistence and the unexpected paths that lead to personal fulfillment.

Past Present and Future by Rachel Lynn Solomon - Release Date: 0604/2024

Past Present and Future continues the tender story of Rowan and Neil, exploring their long-distance relationship through dual perspectives. As they face personal challenges and evolve separately, their love is tested by distance and time.

Rachel Solomon captures the essence of young love and growth with grace and empathy, making it a touching read for those who cherish romantic journeys.

The Midnight Feast by Lucy Foley - Release Date: 06/18/2024

Lucy Foley returns with The Midnight Feast, a tantalizing murder mystery set in the opulent backdrop of The Manor's grand opening. As guests enjoy the lavish party, hidden grudges and secrets lead to a sinister turn of events.

Lucy masterfully intertwines multiple narratives, crafting a suspenseful story that keeps readers guessing until the shocking conclusion.

How to Get Over Your Best Friend's Ex by Kristi McManus - Release Date: 06/11/2024

Kristi McManus explores the turbulent emotions of heartbreak and friendship in How to Get Over Your Best Friend's Ex. When Hannah finds herself caught between her loyalty to her best friend and her feelings for her friend’s ex, she must navigate the messy path of love and loyalty.

This is a heartfelt story about the rules of friendship and the unpredictable nature of love.

One Cursed Rose by Rebecca Zanetti - Release Date: 06/25/2024

In One Cursed Rose, Rebecca Zanetti weaves a tale of magical intrigue and dark ambitions. Alana Beaumont must navigate a treacherous world where magic is a weapon and marriage is a strategic alliance.

As danger mounts, her interactions with Thorn Beathach, a mysterious magnate, add layers of complexity and passion to her quest for survival and revenge.

One of Our Kind by Nicola Yoon - Release Date: 06/11/2024

Nicola Yoon's One of Our Kind presents a chilling examination of freedom and identity within a utopian community. As Jasmyn Williams probes the unsettling undercurrents of Liberty, California, she uncovers a horrifying truth that challenges everything she believes about her new home.


As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, there's no better companion than a good book to indulge in during your summer adventures. Happy reading, and here's to a summer filled with unforgettable literary adventures! We can’t wait to hear about your favorites!

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