Page-Turner Thrillers: Books That Will Keep You Up at Night

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Here at Once Upon a Book Club, we love adult mystery books and are big fans of those captivating page-turning thrillers. These are the kinds of books that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, as every page holds a new twist.

Whether it’s the adrenaline rush from an unfolding mystery or the psychological thrill of outsmarting a cunning antagonist, these books make us think, guess, and sometimes even gasp out loud!

We can’t wait to share a few favorites from our collection. So, sit back, relax (if you can), and get ready to be pulled into a web of secrets, lies, and high-stakes drama.

Adult Mystery Books

Collection of items from 'An Inconvenient Wife' by Karen E. Olson, including the book, themed pouches, bookmarks, and postcards, arranged on a white surface.

An Inconvenient Wife by Karen E. Olson

Step into a world where modern-day intrigue meets historical inspiration in Karen E. Olson's astonishing crime novel, An Inconvenient Wife.

Kate Parker is newly married to billionaire businessman Hank Tudor. As his sixth wife and former assistant, Kate knows she’s stepping into a complex web of past relationships and hidden secrets. But nothing could prepare her for the chilling discovery that awaits them on their honeymoon—a headless body near their summer retreat.

Kate's quest for answers brings her face-to-face with two of Hank’s ex-wives. In this clever reimagining of Tudor-era betrayals, these three women find themselves entangled in a perilous game of cat and mouse. As Kate delves deeper, she uncovers shocking connections to another headless body found eight years ago, raising the stakes in her desperate bid to solve the mystery.

Can Kate uncover the truth before it's too late? Find out in our Modern Tudor Mystery box, featuring this incredible suspense novel and three stunning gifts that bring this exciting book to life!

Collection of items from 'What Remains' by Wendy Walker, including the book, themed pouches, bookmarks, and postcards, arranged on a white surface.

What Remains by Wendy Walker

Prepare to be captivated by Wendy Walker's gripping psychological thriller, What Remains, where the lines between heroism and horror blur in a chilling tale of survival and obsession.

Detective Elise Sutton is a dedicated investigator with a passion for cold cases. With her keen eye for detail and expertise in unraveling murderers' mistakes, she brings order to the chaos of crime. At work, she partners with an ex-marine; at home, she juggles the demands of her husband and two young daughters. But beneath this veneer of control, Elise battles her own inner demons.

One fateful afternoon, Elise's world is upended when she walks into a department store and faces an impossible choice: save one life by taking another. Hailed as a hero, Elise is overwhelmed with guilt and spirals into numbness, distancing herself from her family and taking a leave of absence from work.

Enter Wade Austin, the man whose life she saved. Initially, Elise finds solace in their connection, but her relief is short-lived. Wade Austin isn't who he claims to be. In fact, Wade Austin isn’t even his real name. As Elise peels back the layers of his deception, she discovers that the tall man is a ghost from a dark past, launching a terrifying game of cat and mouse.

Grab your copy now and join Detective Sutton in this unforgettable psychological thriller. Our Leave No Trace Adult box features an exclusive hardcover edition, plus three incredible gifts that bring this book to life!

Collection of items from 'Never Name the Dead' by D.M. Rowell, including the book, themed pouches, bookmarks, and postcards, arranged on a white surface with decorative crinkle paper.

Never Name the Dead by D.M. Rowell

D.M. Rowell's riveting debut novel, Never Name the Dead, will take you deep into the heart of Kiowa culture, where old grudges, tribal customs, and modern threats come face to face.

In Silicon Valley, she was Mae—a high-powered professional who left her Kiowa roots behind a decade ago. But when her grandfather, James Sawpole, leaves her a cryptic voice message urging her to come home, Mud catches the next flight to Oklahoma. She never imagined she’d be thrust into a labyrinth of theft, betrayal, and murder.

Mud returns to find her tribe in disarray. Fracking is wreaking havoc on their ancestral lands, forcing Kiowa families to sell off precious artifacts. Her grandfather’s life is threatened over his water rights, and when Mud and her cousin Denny discover James is missing and accused of stealing the valuable Jefferson Peace Medal from the tribe museum, their investigation leads them to a corpse in his workroom.

Determined to clear her grandfather's name and uncover the truth, Mud ventures into the Wildlife Refuge. She embarks on a journey that turns into a vision quest, facing deceit, greed, and even a charging buffalo. Unbeknownst to her, a murderer is hot on her trail.

Our Guided by Flames full box features this incredible novel. Order yours now and find out if Mud will unravel the mysteries surrounding her grandfather and save her tribe’s future.

Cover of 'The Disappearing Act' by Catherine Steadman, featuring a person swimming in a pool with palm trees in the background.

The Disappearing Act by Catherine Steadman

With Catherine Steadman's The Disappearing Act, you will find yourself in Hollywood's glitzy yet perilous world.

Mia Eliot is a leading British actress hoping to make her mark in America. She arrives in Los Angeles for pilot season, the intense period when networks and film studios audition fresh talent for their upcoming shows.

Amidst the frenzy, Mia befriends Emily, a fellow hopeful actress. But after a seemingly simple favor, Emily mysteriously disappears following an audition. As Mia becomes the last person to see her new friend, she is thrust into a chilling mystery that unravels the sinister side of Hollywood.

In a city where dreams come true, Mia is unprepared for the nightmares that follow. As she delves deeper into Emily's disappearance, Mia uncovers startling truths about the ruthless world of show business, where nothing is as it seems, and no one can be trusted.

Cover of 'The Book of Cold Cases' by Simone St. James, featuring a car driving on a rainy night, placed on top of a pink book club box.

The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. James

Get ready for a spine-chilling journey with The Book of Cold Cases, a haunting mystery that intertwines past horrors with present dangers by Simone St. James. From the New York Times bestselling author of The Sun Down Motel, this novel will grip you from the first page to the last.

In 1977, the quiet town of Claire Lake, Oregon, was rocked by the Lady Killer Murders. Two men were killed with the same gun, and cryptic notes were left behind. Beth Greer, a wealthy and eccentric twenty-three-year-old, was the prime suspect, seen fleeing one of the crime scenes. Yet, she was acquitted and retreated into the seclusion of her mansion, leaving the town's questions unanswered.

Oregon, 2017: Shea Collins leads a double life—by day, she’s a receptionist; by night, she runs a true-crime website, the Book of Cold Cases. Her passion for unsolved mysteries is driven by her own harrowing experience of escaping an attempted abduction as a child. When Shea encounters Beth Greer by chance, she seizes the opportunity to interview the reclusive woman. To her astonishment, Beth agrees.

Shea and Beth meet regularly at Beth's mansion, which exudes an eerie presence. Objects move when Shea isn’t looking, and she catches glimpses of a mysterious girl outside the windows. Despite the unsettling atmosphere, Shea is drawn to Beth’s intelligence and charm, desperate to uncover the truth about the Lady Killer Murders.

As Shea’s interviews progress, she becomes increasingly torn between the allure of solving the decades-old mystery and the nagging fear that she might be befriending a cunning murderer. Or is there something even more dangerous lurking in the shadows of Beth’s mansion?

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Contestant #5 has a bit of a dark side. Part of them is still stuck in the 1980s while part of them is here in the present. Good news, they own a mansion. Bad news, you may not leave it alive. This mysterious figure invites you to a chilling challenge where the lines between past and present blur, and the stakes are life and death. Are you brave enough to enter?

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Contestant #7 puts family first. In the sumptuous Greenwich Village, how could they not? Gangsters don't take betrayals of those closest to them lightly. Are you the right fit for this family?

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Meet Contestant #9: A Thriller!

Contestant #9 is all about risk and reward. Giving up everything for a chance to make it big. Climbing a mountain? No problem. Surviving a killer miles above sea level? Problem. Do you have what it takes to survive together?

It’s a Wrap - Case Solved!

We can’t wait to hear how much you enjoyed these page-turner thrillers and look forward to hearing about some of your favorites.

These are the kind of books that make you turn on the hallway light in the middle of the night or take a deep breath before turning to the next page. There is something undeniably exhilarating about a great thriller! 

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