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Speed Dating with a Book - Contestant #9

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Meet Contestant #9, a Thriller!

A bit about this contestant:
Contestant #9 is all about risk and reward. Giving up everything for a chance to make it big. Climbing a mountain? No problem. Surviving a killer miles above sea level? Problem. Do you have what it takes to survive together?

The first words they'll say to you (a snippet from the first page):

Summit Day

Breathe, Cecily.
     Cold air filled her lungs. It was strange. When she’d pictured breathing up here, she’d assumed it would feel like suffocating. Choking. Maybe, in a way, like drowning.
     But it didn’t.
     She could feel the sting of the wind on a tiny bit of exposed skin on her cheek, between her buff and her sunglasses, and then a stronger gust against her body, threatening to bring her to her knees.
     The air was there. It just wasn’t doing what it was supposed to.
     She was so tired. Her muscles struggled to work as she pushed through the snow. Not just her muscles. Her blood. Her lungs. Her brain.
     It was simple, really–there wasn't enough oxygen in the air, less than a third of what her body was used to. The altimeter on her watch read that she was still about eight thousand meters. In the death zone.

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