Why Our Middle Grade Book Subscription Box Makes the Perfect Gift for your little Bookworms

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We are so excited about our middle grade book box subscriptions and the impact they have on kids. Besides being a complete joy, reading is a fundamental skill that every child needs to learn, and it's crucial to foster that love of reading in children from a young age. 

For middle grade readers, the right books can inspire imagination, spark curiosity, and teach valuable life lessons. However, it can be challenging to find age-appropriate books that engage and capture young readers. That's where our book box subscription comes in; it is a fantastic way to introduce middle grade readers to new books and authors while having fun at the same time.

Children's imaginations are unstoppable, and we have carefully created these Middle Grade Book Subscription Boxes to grab their attention and fire up their imaginations. At Once Upon A Book Club, we believe in bringing books to life, and our monthly subscription boxes are the ideal way to introduce any young child to the exciting world of books. So don't be surprised if books become their new best friend and are on top of those birthday and Christmas lists!

What are the benefits of book subscriptions for kids?

They Encourage Reading

We all know that getting your kids to read can be challenging, but with our book box subscription, they will be waiting in anticipation for their box of surprises to arrive! Each month, your child will receive a box filled with books and surprise gifts carefully curated for middle grade readers, making it easy to find new books to read. With the excitement of receiving a new box every month, your child will be excited and motivated to read and discover new stories.

They Provide Variety

Book box subscriptions provide a variety of different genres, authors, and publishers that your child may not otherwise have been exposed to without our exciting subscription. This goes a long way to encouraging them to broaden their reading horizons and explore new worlds through the wonderful world of books.

They Are Convenient

Finally, book box subscriptions are convenient for busy families. With our exciting kids book subscription, you won’t have to worry about discovering new authors, finding different genres, choosing books, or wondering if they are age appropriate. We do all the work for you!

Our book boxes are delivered straight to your doorstep, so you can sit back, have a cup of tea or glass of wine and enjoy the silence! 

Different books for kids lying on the floor illustrate the convenience of book box subscriptions for busy families.


What makes our kids book subscription service the perfect gift?

There is something about receiving our kids book box; it is like having a birthday every month. Our fun packaging and book-shaped box will delight any young child as they wait to discover the unexpected treasures of our specially selected monthly story. 

A kids book box of surprise and joy!

Unlike your average monthly book club subscriptions for kids, each month is full of surprises, and for Middle Graders, their reading experience is interactive and bound to beat any PlayStation or Xbox game

For us, it's not just about reading; it is about the whole experience from the minute you receive your box to the moment you finish reading the last word. Reading should always be fun, and we love that your child will be transported into a world where anything can happen each month. The sky is the limit!

The gift that keeps on giving!

Every book subscription for kids contains a newly released exciting story along with 3 to 5 wrapped gifts labeled with corresponding page numbers. Each of the gifts have been carefully selected to bring the pages of our latest book to life. As the story captivates your child's imagination, they won't be able to help but feel the anticipation rise to the surface as, at last, they are prompted to open each gift at certain page numbers. No cheating; it will ruin all the fun!

Those unexpected extras

Our box boxes also contain those special OUABC touches, like our bookmark featuring a monthly affirmation, as well as a kindness challenge on the back. We know how much kids love stickers which is why each month, we include a fun book-shaped sticker where they can rate each book they finish.

New subscribers receive one of our wonderful book passports where they can record and review each book after they have finished reading. And those subscribers who complete all 12 months of their passport will receive a free gift. 

The perfect book subscription for kids

We have four monthly subscription options, so finding the perfect solution has never been easier. Our month-to-month, three-month, six-month, and 12-month Middle Grade Book Subscription Boxes are billed on the 15th of every month and auto-renew for your convenience. 

We know that your child will be waiting in anticipation, which is why we ship them at the beginning of each month. If we haven't convinced you yet, why not try one by simply purchasing it as a gift?


In conclusion, our middle grade book box subscriptions are a fantastic way to introduce middle grade readers to new books, capture their interest, and gain those all-important reading skills while having fun at the same time.

With carefully curated books and fun gifts, our book box subscription will provide your child with an exciting and engaging experience that will help them develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

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