November: The Young Adult Hint - Bonds & Betrayal

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Bonds & Betrayal Book Box Hint

This book is the YA choice of our November selection, and it offers a fantastic action adventure in medieval India. Daughter of the Moon Goddess or She Who Became the Sun readers will find this to be an ideal book.

The idea is to provide the best reading material with every delivery from the Book club to your doorstep. This is the reason why we are in business, and we love to be able to give our readers exceptional material.

She Who Became the Sun

This book fits the same style of storytelling as this month’s hint in many ways. It is a book that tells the story of a female character that goes through terrible hardships but manages to beat all odds and rises to become a strong female character that achieves greatness.

This is the type of book that our readers find to be most appealing due to the rich storylines and unforgettable characters. This month’s book offers similar core elements, but it is all done in a completely different way.

The author of this book is an Australian writer and former diplomat, Shelley Parker.

Daughter of the Moon Goddess

In the same vein as a female character that rises after serious challenges and sad events in her life. Daughter of the Moon Goddess is a book that reminds us of the power and the flame that burns inside a woman’s heart from a very young age.

The protagonist manages to find her way to the celestial Kingdom and finds an opportunity to learn the intricate arts of magic and archery along with the emperor’s son. The same emperor that forced her away from her family. The book also shares some fantasy elements that you find in this month’s suggestion.

This book was written by Sue Lynn Tan, a Malaysian writer with great ratings and reviews for her writing skills.

This month’s hint merges fantasy and emotion

Any writer can play around with fantasy, even if the content seems overly fantastic. The key element that needs to be present in those cases is the strength of the characters and the plot.

This month’s choice involves monsters, spirits, politics, and romance. Many of those elements do not seem to share the same pages in ways that create deeply enriching storylines, but here they fall together seamlessly.

The story revolves around a guardswoman for the royal family. She deals with a tragedy involving the people that she swore to protect. Her journey turns into a nightmarish ordeal with all sorts of supernatural antagonists.

There is always room for fantasy in our lives

Fantasy does not need to focus on topics that are not relatable to the reader. There is much more to fantasy writing than the creation of larger-than-life worlds and monsters. Knowing how to handle the merge of plotlines with fantasy words is always a complicated task. When a writer creates a fantasy world around a story without losing the power of engagement and relatable struggles, this is always a great read.

We need to be able to escape from reality from time to time, regardless of how much we enjoy it. This is part of the beauty of life, and imagining ourselves in these worlds is truly immersive and fun.

What is the perfect audience for this particular book?

Fantasy books are usually perfect for people who have very vivid imaginations. One topic that we have mentioned several times is the power of turning words into images. When someone loves reading, they experience every word they read with incredible visual detail.

Their minds turn into movie studios that recreate every single plot line and description of characters and locations. This is one of the most amazing aspects of reading, and it is ideal for those who read fantasy. This is the reason why no book lover is ever going to prefer a movie over a book.

A movie is a predetermined set of images that every person sees the same way. When it comes to books, every person gets the chance to experience them in different ways.

This is the main reason why reading books needs to remain a very relevant part of our lives. This has to be the case regardless of how much technology tries to take us further away from traditional print.

There will never be a substitute for human imagination and for how we have different ways of perceiving things. Reading a book like this one is a great way to nurture that intense and vivid level of imagination.

Potential triggers to keep in mind when reading this book

Everyone has different things that could trigger unpleasant feelings while reading a book. There is very mild violence and mentions of death, but it is not a book with much controversy. We believe in providing material that is for enjoyment and not for unpleasant feelings.

Be sure to let us know if you have any concerns regarding the titles we sent your way. Our goal is to make this experience a fun and enjoyable time.

Final thoughts on this month’s book hint

This is a great adventure with plenty of fantasy and action that keeps you glued to every page. The way the writer decided to highlight the trials and tribulations of the character makes for a truly engaging experience.

We are very excited to be sending this book your way, and we cannot wait for you to enjoy it as much as we did. You can expect every month to include the same level of quality content for your reading pleasure.

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