Exploring Genres with Adult Book Boxes

Exploring Genres with Adult Book Boxes

Are you looking for an exciting way to discover new genres and immerse yourself in captivating stories? Here at Once Upon a Book Club, we believe the solution is simple - adult book boxes! These magical treasure troves bring the joy of reading right to your doorstep, introducing you to a world of genres you might not have explored before.

Our adult book boxes contain a variety of genres, from Women's Fiction, Magical Realism, Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Mystery & Thrillers. It’s so easy to get caught up in one particular genre, but we have found that embracing different genres adds to your reading experience, and you never know what you may find – we just need to think of how Bridgerton made converts of the least likely romanticists!

Women's Fiction: Empowering tales of strength and resilience

Women's Fiction, a world where real women rule! These powerful stories delve deep into the lives of strong, independent female characters who navigate relationships, careers, and personal growth. With an adult book box, you might receive a heartwarming tale of friendship, a journey of self-discovery, or a story of triumph against all odds. Get ready to feel inspired and empowered as you flip through the pages of Women's Fiction.

Mystery & Thriller: Unraveling the enigma!

Calling all adrenaline junkies! Mystery & Thriller is the genre that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With heart-pounding suspense and unexpected twists, these stories will have you staying up way past your bedtime, desperate to uncover the truth. Who knows, in one of our adult book boxes, you might receive a gripping whodunit or a spine-tingling psychological thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end.

Just have a look at our Guided By Flames box, which featured the phenomenal mystery novel Never Name the Dead by D.M. Rowell! And let's not forget the 3 exciting gifts that brought this spectacular read to life!

Magical Realism: Where fantasy meets reality in the coolest ways!

The enchanting realm of Magical Realism! Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride where the supernatural effortlessly blends with everyday life. Imagine talking animals, inexplicable occurrences, and surreal moments that will leave you in awe. With an adult book box, you will find yourself in a world where the mundane and the magical coexist harmoniously, stretching the boundaries of your imagination.

Contemporary Fiction: Stories for the here and now

If you're all about living in the moment and exploring modern-day tales, Contemporary Fiction is the genre for you! These stories capture the essence of our current times, delving into relationships, technology, social media, and the ever-changing definition of family. Get ready to embark on a journey that reflects the joys and struggles of today's society, all while curled up in the comfort of your reading nook.

Historical Fiction: Time traveling back to bygone eras

For those history buffs and time-travel enthusiasts, Historical Fiction is a ticket to the past! In this genre, you'll step into eras long gone, from the opulent Victorian period to the tumultuous World Wars. With an adult book box, you might find yourself wrapped in the mysteries and scandals of the past, getting a front-row seat to historical events and figures that shaped our world.

Our Cocoa Deception book box was an absolute delight, featuring The Spanish Daughter by Lorena Hughes, plus four of our famous gifts that brought this novel to life! We also included a signed bookplate and a letter from the author.

adult Book Subscription Boxes

The Magic of Adult Book Boxes: A world of surprises

If you’re asking yourself, "What makes adult book boxes so special?" Well, apart from the obvious thrill of receiving a surprise package each month, these book boxes are curated with love and care, bringing you a diverse selection of genres to explore. Here's why they're an absolute delight for book enthusiasts:

Discovering new horizons

The world of literature is vast, and sometimes we tend to stick to our favorite genres. Our adult book subscription boxes encourage you to broaden your horizons and explore genres you might not have considered before. Who knows, you might find a hidden gem that becomes your new obsession!

Embracing the Unknown

There's something exhilarating about not knowing what lies between the pages of your next read. With a monthly book box, you get to experience that rush of anticipation and embrace the unknown with open arms.

Building a Diverse Bookshelf

Having a diverse bookshelf not only adds flair to your reading nook but also exposes you to a variety of voices and perspectives. With each box, you'll add a new layer of depth to your collection and gain insight into different cultures, time periods, and storytelling styles.

The Joy of Unwrapping

We all love surprises, and unwrapping a beautifully packaged book and its corresponding gifts is an experience like no other. It's a little celebration just for you, igniting that childlike wonder we all cherish.

Community and Connection

Being a part of an adult book box community opens doors to meaningful connections with like-minded readers. Engage in discussions, share your thoughts on genres, and bond over the stories that moved you. It's a book club without borders!

In Conclusion: Unlocking the literary world, one box at a time!

Whether you're a die-hard fan of Women's Fiction, a dreamer in the world of Magical Realism, a contemporary explorer, a history aficionado, or a mystery enthusiast, adult book boxes offer an enchanting way to traverse through diverse genres and literary landscapes. Each box is a treasure chest of surprises, waiting to unveil new worlds, characters, and emotions.

Bookworms unite, embrace the literary adventure and let our adult book boxes transport you to realms you've never imagined. Happy reading!


What genres are available in your adult book subscription boxes?

  • Women's Fiction
  • Magical Realism
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mystery & Thriller

What is included in an adult book subscription box?

Our boxes have included an array of useful and significant items in the past.  Each Adult box includes 3-5 gifts which can vary between useful and story-significant!  Story-significant pieces mean that it's a piece that may not have any monetary value but add to the reader experience we try to convey to our readers.  These items have included replica letters, recipes, identification cards, historical photographs and more! 

Our useful items have included, but are not limited to purses, wallets, candles, kitchen items, household goods, picture frames, jewelry, bath and beauty products, accessories, toys, small snacks and more! Also included in the Adult boxes are author interviews, discussion questions, recipes, letters from the author, and additional content that works to bring the books to life!

Many of our items are custom designed by the Once Upon a Book Club team so that they can enhance the reading experience to the best of their ability and are exclusive to our boxes. In addition, our Adult boxes are curated by women as we are a women-owned and operated company and the majority of our boxes are curated with female readers in mind, largely featuring strong female characters.

Can I order past adult book boxes?

Definitely, make sure to check out our past book boxes, you are in for a treat!  


Explore more adult book box genres here, or learn what makes a great mystery here!  Be sure to get our guide to adult book box subscriptions over here!

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