Young Adult 6 Month Gift

Young Adult 6 Month Gift

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A antique looking book is surrounded by vintage bottles containing ingredients and unique properties. The words The Wicked Apothecary is written across the book.

We are so pleased to share our October Young Adult hint - The Wicked Apothecary! 🏯⚗️

"Visceral to the core. [This book] imagines alternate history with daring imagination and incredible detail. Even once you’ve turned the last page, you’ll still be entrenched within this dazzling world running with gold and blood." - Chloe Gong

She dreams of becoming a royal alchemist, of providing for her family by making alchemical gold and gems for the wealthy to eat in order to stay young forever. But for now, she’s trapped in her impoverished village in southern China, practicing an illegal form of alchemy to keep food on the table—resurrecting the dead, for a price.

When she finally has the chance to complete her imperial exams, she ventures to the capital to compete against the best alchemists in the country in tasks she’ll be lucky to survive, let alone pass. On top of that, her reputation for raising the dead has followed her to the capital, and the Crown Prince himself seeks out her help, suspecting a coming assassination attempt.

The more she succeeds in her alchemy, the more she gets caught in the dangerous political games of the royal family. There are monsters lurking within the palace walls, and it’s only a matter of time before they—and secrets of her past—catch up with her.

On sale now through October 15th (or until we sell out), this tantalizing tale is one that would wake the dead. All boxes also include a hand signed bookplate from the author! Don't miss your chance to experience this incredible reading experience, paired with some of our favorite gifts we've ever done! Boxes are expected to ship at the end of October.

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Book Clubber Testimonials


I love Once Upon a Book Club. Each month offers a book with a collection of gifts that bring the words on the pages to life. My collection is growing and I even had to purchased new book shelves. I love the boxes!

Mitzi V.
Lake Charles, LA

Once Upon a Book Club is a reader’s delight. The concept of this book box is so unique, it combines your love of reading with the joy opening presents.

Darrie D.
Oceanside, NY

The gifts truly bring the story to life and perfectly match what’s happening in the story. For example-the main character might have gotten a bracelet from her best friend in the story. And then you get that bracelet as a gift! It’s so fun because it’s an immersive experience.

Monique B.
Elmhurst, IL

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