Special Edition Boxes

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Volume 1

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn
The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn
An Offer From a Gentleman by Julia Quinn
Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

The Duke and I
  • Page 120
    "'You are truly an exceptional hostess,' Simon said, holding out the flowers. 'These are for you.' 'For me?' Violet's mouth fell open in surprise. 'Are you certain?' Violet blinked rapidly, and Daphne noticed that there were actually tears in her mother's eyes. No one ever gave her flowers, she realized. At least not since her father had died ten years earlier. Violet was such a mother - Daphne had forgotten she was a woman as well."
    - a bouquet of real-feel magenta tulips tied with a custom ribbon featuring the quote from the novel.
  • Page 244
    "He held out a jeweler's box. 'This is for you.' Her breath caught in her throat as she reached for the small, velvet-colored box. Nestled in the box was a stunning band of white gold, adorned with a large marquis-cut emerald, flanked on either side by a single, perfect diamond. It was the most beautiful piece of jewelry Daphne had ever seen, brilliant but elegant obviously precious but not overly showy."
    - a gorgeous, dainty silver-toned ring with small diamonds and green tone center stone.
  • Page 402
    "And in a small, elegantly furnished chamber, not so very far from Hastings House. a young woman sat at her desk with a quill and pot of ink and pulled out a piece of paper. With a smile on her face, she set her quill to paper and wrote: Lady Whistledown's Society Papers, 19 December 1817. Ah Gentle Reader, This Author is pleased to report..."
    - a custom quill and ink collection with multiple pen tips. The feather on the quill is also printed with the passage from the novel.

  • The Viscount Who Loved Me
  • Page 140
    "Before she had a chance to react, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a key to the study, and tossed it in her direction, deliberately aiming at her feet. Kate remained motionless for far longer than he would have thought, obviously loath to kneel before him, even if it was to gather up the key that would provide her with the escape she so obviously desired. Abruptly, she crouched down and scooped up the key. 'You will never marry my sister.'"
    - a wrought-iron key tied with lace.
  • Page 279
    "Kate nodded and picked up the pot to pour. She tipped it about an inch, then righted it, frowning as she said, 'I don't even know how you take your tea.' Anthony cleared his throat as he watched her pour. She wasn't wearing gloves, and he found he liked to watch her hands while she worked. Anthony grasped the saucer, allowing his gloved fingers to brush against her bare ones."
    - a custom designed teacup and saucer set in a pale blue with a quote painted on the outside and flowers painted on the inside.
  • Page 342
    "Anthony drained the cup. 'Is there enough tea left for me to have another cup?'"
    - a set of three teabags from Stash Tea

  • An Offer From a Gentleman
  • Page 152
    "And most intriguing, leaning against the side of the desk was a large sketchbook filled with pencil drawings, mostly of landscapes but with a few portraits as well. Had Benedict drawn them? With a sigh, Sophie flipped until she reached the end of the book. The very last sketch was different from the rest, if only because it appeared to be of a night scene, and the woman in it was holding her skirt above her ankles as she ran across - Good God! Sophie gasped, thunderstruck. It was her!"
    - a custom, leather-bound, A5 organizer journal filled with blank paper except for the first two pages which feature two of the sketches as described in the novel.
  • Page 258
    "With all her work done, Sophie decided to take a short break and read in the garden. Lady Bridgerton had told her that she might borrow freely from her small library of books, so Sophie selected a recently published novel and settled herself into a wrought-iron chair on the small patio."
    - an exclusive, special edition of Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn, the fourth novel in the Bridgerton collection.
  • Page 344
    "She tugged frantically at the blindfold. With one, wrenching movement, she somehow managed to yank down the scarves until they hung loosely around her neck."
    - a custom, oversized, pastel floral scarf.

  • images by @The_Bookish_Runner

    Middle Grade Box

    Summer Reading, Special Edition, 2020

    The Blue Witch by Alane Adams
    The Rubicus Prophecy by Alane Adams
    Witch Wars by Alane Adams
    The Blue Witch
  • Page 57
    "She pointed at a jar full of bulging eyeballs. Abigail grimaced, then unscrewed the jar and dug her fingers into the slippery organs. Her stomach did a somersault."
    - a custom designed eyeball jar filled with eyeball bouncy balls.
  • Page 130
    "The breeze stirred, ruffling her hair. A star in the sky burned brighter, so bright it was actually blue, pulsing with light."
    - an electric star light that casts star shapes on the walls/ceiling when plugged in.

  • The Rubicus Prophecy
  • Page 56
    "Something clattered against her window panes. Climbing off her bed, she flung them open. A mechanical bird made of battered tin fluttered its wings, creaking slightly. In its beak it held a piece of paper."
    - a paper bird with USB port to charge and fly.
  • Page 192
    "He took a pouch from around his neck and dumped out a small key. Taking the shard of stone from Robert, he tucked it inside, looping it around the boy's neck."
    - a small pouch, piece of cord, and glow-in-the-dark stone. The stone is meant to be inserted into the pouch, and then the pouch closed over the cord, just like in the book.

  • Witch Wars
  • Page 15
    "Plucking the apple from his pocket, he placed it on the tabl. He waved a hand over it, and it lifted, spinning slowly."
    - a small apple candle.
  • Page 176
    "He raised the hammer and threw it at Utgard-Loki. There was a gust of wind and distant booming sound, and then the hammer returned to Vertulious's hand."
    - a large inflatable, spiked hammer.

  • images by @The_Bookish_Runner