Adult 2022

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To the Moon and Back

March Box

The Oceanography of the Moon by Glendy Vanderah
  • Page 55
    "She guides me out onto the wooden pier. It's unsettling to walk toward that watery blackness as if impelled down a gangplank to my death. She positions me at the end of the pier and has everyone turn off our flashlights. She tells me it takes a while for retinas to acclimate to darkness. As my eyes adjust, I'm standing in millions of stars."
    - a small, USB star light that shines star patterns onto walls or the ceiling.
  • Page 114
    "While I'm running water into the tub, she knocks on the door and hands me a book. The cover art looks like a child's drawing of two people holding hands, the lines connecting stars in the night sky. The constellation is Gemini, the twins. I settle the book onto the bookrest Sachi and Alec gave me for my sixteenth birthday..."
    - a faux book pamphlet including the novel A Box of Broken Stars details on the cover, plus a wooden and plexiglass bookrest. (NOTE: The bookrest has a film on both the front and back of the plexiglass. Please remove prior to using.)
  • Page 195
    "I take the rock out of my pocket and hold its cold angular shape in my fist. I'm not sure if I should give it to her."
    - a black tourmaline along with the explanation of its healing properties. (NOTE: The rock can/should be watched prior to displaying to remove any dust).
  • Page 211
    "I've been too distracted to pay much attention to his necklace. The only jewelry I've seen on him is the expensive watch he always wears. It's a key, the old kind I see in antique stores."
    - a gold, key pendant inspired by Vaughn's.
  • Page 223
    "I hold her against my chest. I recognize this song. It's 'Strawberry Fields Forever'."
    - a QR code to listen to the song, 'Strawberry Fields Forever' by The Beatles
  • Write Your Own Story

    February Box

    The Roughest Draft by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka
  • Page 16
    "I walk into the living room, where he's spread out his laptop and contract pages into an impromptu workspace. He comes out of the kitchen carrying his coffee and sits on the couch, hardly glancing up. "Where were you?" he asks. I hold up the bookstore bag."
    - a custom canvas tote bag that reads "Obstinate Headstrong Girl" including a book pocket PLUS inside a custom covered book representing a faux book from the novel, but covering the real book "Murder at Mallowan Hall" by Colleen Cambridge.
  • Page 95
    "However, Katrina is nothing if not skillful. I have to concede I'm intrigued. I sip my drink, Katrina's white flag of black coffee. Even over the scent, I can smell her hand cream."
    - a custom, coconut scented hand cream called "Fiction".
  • Page 145
    "I chew my lip, peering in the store front's window, where hardcover mysteries and cookbooks stand on display. While I don't really want to admit my hesitation. I know Nathan isn't just going to walk away. "You probably introduced yourself to the bookseller,' I explained. 'They just pulled up your catalogue. 'Yes...?' He leans on the step's metal railing, in no hurry. I notice in his pocket the leather pouch in which he carries his signing pens."
    - a small leather pouch containing three custom pens.
  • Page 160
    "He's grabbed the shield I've used to fend off questions I'm tired of confronting and thrown it into the ocean. I won't give him that satisfaction. I shove my bookmark carelessly into the page of the book I wasn't reading."
    - a custom, Tiffany-blue, leather bookmark.
  • Weird and the Wonderful

    January Box

    Circus of Wonders by Elizabeth Macneal
  • Page 86
    "Toby lifts the image from the tiny font, holds it - holds her - between thumb and forefinger. He hands it to her, then lights a match, and she blinks at the sudden flare. It cannot not be her, she thinks; this girl cannot be her. It is a trick. For years, she has avoided her reflection in puddles and panes of glass, believing she would find something ugly there. Toby pegs her image to the washing line..."
    - a strand of fairy-light photo clips and a photo inspired by the story. (requires 2, AA batteries)
  • Page 158
    "Before she can change her mind, she reaches into her pillowcase and rips the seams. Notes spill out: three weeks of earnings that she has barely dented."
    - a fantastical looking pillowcase with book pocket and three coins inspired by the story. (zipper closure found at the top of the case. Handwash only. Fits 20x20 pillow form)
  • Page 181
    "'I've a gift for you,' Stella said after the men were served. She handed Dash a small blue box. 'To thoroughly ensure your father never speaks to you again.' He unwrapped it carefully. Toby leaned closer. It was a gold signet ring, likely pinched from the pocket of a dead Ruskie. She had carved new initials. E.W.D."
    - a gold-toned signet ring with a sticker reading the initials E.W.D. Under the sticker it is engraved with the words, She Will Become Extraordinary.
  • Page 264
    "The talk of stories makes Nell want to read. She lies against Toby, hungering to tip it into something more, but aware of the child, too, and content to be held by him. They turn the pages of Fairy Tales."
    - a custom edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales, featuring illustrations by Arthur Rackham. This hardcover edition features custom end papers and patterned stenciled edges.