Best Book Subscriptions for Young Adults

For young adults, reading is about feeding the mind's curiosities and experiencing other worlds with relatable characters. At Once Upon a Book Club, we understand the reading habits of modern-day young adult readers, and our book subscription boxes for young adults are reflections of our understanding.

This article is for you if you're an avid young adult reader who wants to know more about YA book subscription boxes at Once Upon A Book Club.

Time-based subscription options

Young adult readers can choose from the following time-based subscription options:

  • Month-to-month, $49.99 (auto-renewing, billed on the 25th, books shipped at month's end, 'Purchase as a gift' available)
  • 3-month subscription, $145.00 (auto-renewing, billed on the 25h every 3 months, books shipped at month's end, 'Purchase as a gift' available)
  • 6-month subscription, $289.00 (auto-renewing, billed on the 25th every 6 months, books shipped at month's end, 'Purchase as a gift' available)
  • 12-month subscription, $570.00 (auto-renewing, billed on the 25th every 12 months, books shipped at month's end, 'Purchase as a gift' available)

The 'Purchase as a gift' option is perfect for readers still skeptical about online book subscription services. Why not take advantage of it and try Once Upon A Book Club before you commit to anything.

Every month, receive a book handpicked by Once Upon A Book Club, which is sure to appeal to the sensibilities of young adult readers. In October 2022, subscribers will be treated to a novel by the Dial A for Aunties writer. It's about a girl living in LA who goes to Indonesia in search of her roots. However, things get complicated for her as she gets involved in a fake courtship with an Indonesian man hailing from one of the land's wealthiest families.

Ready-to-ship subscription boxes for young adults

If you are the kind of reader who likes to choose their own reading material, our ready-to-ship boxes will make for the best subscription boxes. The category includes products like:

YA book boxes


Charmed Summer - Full Box

The Charmed Summer - Full Box contains Julie Abe's The Charmed List and four interactive gifts for achieving a closer connection with the story, which revolves around the character of Ellie Kobata.

Kobata spent her school years as a quiet girl, but she is on the brink of a summer that's set to change her life. Her aim is to tick the thirteen things off from her Anti-Wallflower list. From making her Instagram art public to riding rollercoasters to road-tripping with best friend Lia - the list is long and full of adventure and fun things. However, things start to unravel when one of the things on the list ends in failure.

Suppose you are a fan of magical adventures and book subscription boxes. In that case, you should definitely consider getting the Charmed Summer - Full Box. After all, Julie Abe is a specialist when it comes to writing magical adventures.

YA book box

Spellbinding Friendship - Full Box

The Spellbinding Friendship - Full Box features Deep in Providence by Riss M. Neilson. Young adult fantasies don't get much better than this - four friends experiencing the magic of Providence, Rhode Island, until a tragic accident changes their lives forever.

Jasmine, Natalie, Inez, and Miliani are best friends who grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, mixing potions, practicing spells, and doing séances. Miliani led the efforts after learning them from her Filipino grandfather. However, Jasmine dies in a traffic accident, and her spirit and the grief of her passing haunt the remaining friends. They go back to their childhood days in an attempt to bring back their friend from the dead, but the task is anything but straightforward.

Once Upon A Book Club's Spellbinding Friendship - Full book subscription box is the best way to experience this young adult fantasy at its glorious best. Along with the book, you will find three gifts that give life to the pages and help readers immerse themselves in Riss M. Neilson's magical world.

YA books

The Romanov Princess - Full Box

The Romanov Princess - Full Box contains The Storyteller by Kathryn Williams. In the novel, a teenage girl is in pursuit of the truth about her aunt, who may actually be Anastasia, the Russian princess deemed long-lost.

Jess Morgan has spent most of her life pleasing people around her and is desperate for things to change. Things do change after she discovers her late aunt's diaries. She realizes that her late Aunt Anna may have been none other than the long-lost Romanov Princess, Anastasia. Eventually, Jess decides to delve deeper into the mystery, which also tells her more about herself.

Find many more incredible subscription boxes for young adult readers at Once Upon A Book Club - bridging the gap between avid readers and the best young adult book subscription boxes.


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