March into Reading: Celebrating National Reading Month

Happy child in glasses holding a book with a library background and festive streamers.

Yay, it’s National Reading Month! March may be synonymous with the blossoming of spring, but here at Once Upon a Book Club, we love it because it's National Reading Month. Not that we have ever needed an excuse!

It's time to unite over our love of reading and share the joy of all things bookish. This is the month when bibliophiles and book lovers can get their groove on. We can’t wait to share our guide to making the most of National Reading Month—it’s time to bring out the books and have a whole lot of fun!

The Significance of National Reading Month

National Reading Month is a wonderful initiative that encourages reading with the goal of improving literacy skills among children and adults alike. Imagine how difficult it is to navigate our world if you can’t read!

But National Reading Month isn’t just about improving literacy skills; it's about fostering that all-important love for reading, and you are bound to find lots of local events at schools and community centers in your neighborhood! 

Illustration of characters reading a book together for Read Across America Day on March 2.

We kick off National Reading Month with the National Education Association’s Read Across America Day, which is celebrated on Dr. Seuss's birthday—make sure to read our dedicated blog to creating a March 2nd  like no other.

So get ready to spend a bookish month with Once Upon a Book Club. Remember, the simple act of reading allows you to explore new worlds, meet interesting characters, and gain wonderful experiences all from the comfort of your favorite armchair or coffee shop!

Let’s make this year’s National Reading Month one to remember with our fun and exciting bookeriffic ideas!

2024 reading challenge chart with categories for book club selections on a pink background.

Reading Challenges

Reading challenges are always fun, and one of the best ways to celebrate National Reading Month is by setting personal and family reading goals. Your challenges can range from the number of books read to exploring new genres or authors—it is the perfect time to diversify your reading list. Challenge yourself, your friends, or your book club to read books by authors from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.

When it comes to family challenges, why not challenge another family so that each member of your family’s efforts contributes to a grand total? Family reading challenges are the perfect way to strengthen those bonds, create new memories, and instill your love for reading.

If you’re looking for inspiration, why not check out our 2024 Reading Challenge or download our special OUABC Reading Journal!

Family reading together inside a cozy blanket fort with warm fairy lights.

Making Bedtime Stories Special Again!

Nothing quite says I love you like a bedtime story—and it doesn’t matter how old you are, we all like to be read to. We have a wonderful collection of book boxes that are guaranteed to bring your story to life, and our bookish products will add that little bit of magic to bedtime reading.

Adding a sprinkle of fairy lights or one of our book-inspired lights always creates just the right atmosphere. Choose between our Romantasy Box Moon Light and our You May Say I’m a Dreamer book light — either one is bound to add the perfect touch!

Share Your Love of Books with Others

This is the ideal month to give back to your community by donating books to local schools, libraries, or charities. Sharing your favorite reads is a great way to make space for all those new novels that will land at your door each month, but it also brings the joy of reading to others who may not have easy access to books.

Make sure to read our blog on reselling and donating for extra tips!

A group of women laughing and discussing a book over glasses of wine at a book club meeting.

Start a Book Club

Starting a book club is always a great idea and if there ever was a month to start one, it just has to be March. The wonderful thing about a book club is that it will continue to inspire and grow your love for all things literary, month after month for years to come!

And if starting one is daunting, don’t worry, we have got you covered with blogs like  Building Bonds Through Books: Your Ultimate Guide to Starting A Successful Book Club or The Role of a Book Club Leader: Tips for Effective Facilitation.

Here at Once Upon a Book Club, we have a wonderful variety of carefully curated book boxes that are the perfect way to kick off your book club. As we say, we do the hard work, so you don’t have to!

We have something for everyone, from adults to young adults and middle grade readers, and with our four monthly subscription options, finding the perfect solution has never been easier. Choose from our month-to-month or our 3, 6, or 12-month book subscription plans. A Once Upon a Book Club subscription is a gift everyone deserves.

Incorporate Reading into Daily Routines

Reading every day is the best way to celebrate the spirit of National Reading Month and making reading a part of your daily routine is easier than you think—it can be as simple as reading a chapter before bed, listening to an audiobook during your lunch break or daily commute, or nodding off to a book at the end of a hard day! 

Rows of bookshelves with a diverse collection of books in a well-lit library setting.

Participate in Local Library Events

Many libraries will be hosting special events and activities during National Reading Month. These are the perfect opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading together with friends, family, and your local community.

Keep an eye out for author readings and book signings, or even storytelling hours and book-themed crafts!

Support Independent Bookstores

Show your support this National Reading Month for local businesses by buying books from independent bookstores. It is a great way to spend a Saturday morning—a multitude of bookshops interspersed with coffee and cake!

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology has made reading more accessible than ever. E-books, audiobooks, and reading apps allow you to enjoy literature on the go. So go ahead and take advantage of these resources to squeeze in more reading time throughout your day. Tell your kids that it’s the only technology allowed this month!

Social media and online platforms also offer unique opportunities to connect with authors and fellow book lovers. Here you can easily participate in virtual book discussions, attend webinars or live Q&As with authors, and share your reading experiences on social media. 


National Reading Month is a time to celebrate the transformative power of books. It's an invitation to explore new stories, learn from diverse perspectives, and share the joy of reading with others. 

Make the most of this wonderful month and start a new journey through the pages of a book. We wish you happy reading and extraordinary adventures. Let's march into reading and make this National Reading Month a memorable one.