Unleashing Creativity: Fun Writing Prompts for Tweens

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Tweens have incredible imaginations, and with a bit of encouragement, you will be amazed at the treasure chest of stories just waiting to be told. Getting them to write down their stories unleashes their creativity in a whole new way and comes with a host of unexpected benefits.

Sometimes, getting out of the starting blocks can be a challenge, but with our fun writing prompts, you can ignite that spark that turns simple writing into a journey of endless possibilities filled with new worlds, exciting characters, and unexpected adventures.

What are the Benefits of Creative Writing?

Research has shown that creative writing helps develop your child’s self-esteem, critical thinking skills, feelings of achievement, and emotional growth.

There is something quite powerful about using your own voice to give you that confidence boost. Creative writing is the perfect way for your tween to explore their imaginations, process their feelings, and improve their communication skills. Besides, anything that gets them off social media for an hour or so is always a win in our books!

So, grab your favorite drink, sit back, and let's get right into the magical world of writing prompts.

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The Power of a Prompt

We like to think of writing prompts as keys that unlock your child’s imagination. The best writing prompts provide just enough structure to guide their creativity without limiting their creativity. What we love about prompts is that they can be tailored to the interests, age, and writing level of any child. The power of the prompt makes the act of writing far less intimidating and turns it into an exciting adventure.

Short Story Writing Prompts

Here are some fun and engaging short story writing prompts designed to whisk your kids away on a voyage of creativity and storytelling.

The Magic Portal

Imagine discovering a hidden door in your school that leads to a magical world. Describe what you see, who you meet, and the incredible adventures you have. 

This prompt will encourage your child to explore new worlds and create fantastical stories.

A child in a red cape stands heroically on a ledge overlooking the city at sunset, evoking empowerment.

The Day I Became a Superhero

Write about the day you discovered you had superpowers. What is your superpower, and how do you use it? Do you have a secret identity? Who are your friends? Who are your enemies? 

This prompt will let your child dream big and think about the kind of hero they want to be.

The Talking Animal Friend

Imagine waking up to find that your pet or even a wild animal can talk! What is the first conversation the two of you have? What adventures do you go on together? 

This prompt is perfect for animal lovers and will definitely lead to some heartwarming and hilarious stories.

Excited young boy with a quirky helmet sits by vintage equipment, playing a time-traveling detective.

The Time Traveling Detective

Imagine that you are a detective with a special ability to travel through time to solve mysteries. Which historical period do you visit first? What type of mystery are you trying to solve? 

This prompt combines history, mystery, and adventure and will encourage your child to learn while they imagine. It is a fabulous opportunity to help your child research and learn about different historical periods and as for the future, who knows what they will come up with!

The Inventor's Apprentice

You are one of the luckiest kids alive! You have been chosen as the apprentice to a famous inventor. What invention do you create together? How does it change the world? 

This prompt is great for inspiring young inventors and thinkers to dream up their creations—it’s a wonderful way for them to look at a world without limitations.

The Secret Powers of Everyday Objects

Have a look around your house and find an everyday object and imagine it has a secret, magical power. What is the object, and what can it do? How do you discover its powers? What adventures does it take you on? 

This prompt encourages children to see the magic in the ordinary. Who knows where the microwave or granny’s lamp may take you?

The Forgotten Planet

Imagine that you are an astronaut who discovers a new planet. What is it like? What creatures or plants live there? How do you communicate with them, and what do you learn from your visit? 

This prompt is excellent for sci-fi enthusiasts and budding explorers—we can’t wait to hear what they come up with!

The Enchanted Forest Challenge

You and your friends enter an enchanted forest where you must complete a series of challenges to find a hidden treasure. What challenges do you face, and how do you overcome them? 

This is a great prompt for introducing your child to collaborative storytelling and adventure.

The Dream Journal

Write about a dream you had that was so vivid it felt real. What happened in the dream, and how did it make you feel? 

This prompt helps children explore their subconscious and translate their dreams into stories.

The Alternate Universe

Imagine a world where everything is the opposite of our world. What is different? How do you manage in this new, upside-down place? 

This prompt encourages children to think creatively about alternate realities and the concept of opposites.

Create Your Own Book Box

As you know, we love bringing books to life, and our surprise gifts do that each and every time. Why not let your tween bring their book to life the same way we do our middle grade book boxes?

They will have so much fun finding just the right surprise gift to bring that ultimate moment to life. It will also encourage your child to think about their story from a different perspective and when they are done, why not create your own whimsical wrapping. Now they have the perfect birthday gift for someone special! You can always throw out a hint for Mother’s Day!

A boy focuses on writing as a woman, likely his mother, guides him, suggesting a creative writing session at home.

Tips for Encouraging Creative Writing

Provide Encouragement

We all love to be encouraged and positive reinforcement goes a long way. Make sure you celebrate their efforts and creativity rather than focusing on spelling and grammar!

Create a Writing Routine

Encourage your child to set aside regular time for writing, making it a part of their daily or weekly routine. You can make it special by setting up a dedicated writing space just for them!

Make It Interactive

Stories should be shared and you can even host a reading evening where they can share their stories with family and friends. This will go a long way to boosting their confidence and improving their storytelling skills.

Explore Different Mediums 

Writing doesn’t always have to mean pen and paper—there are so many different and exciting mediums they can explore. Let them create comic strips, record audio stories, or even type up their adventures on a computer.

Join the Adventure

Sometimes, writing with them is the best way to get children excited about writing. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share stories with each other and embark on literary adventures together.


The art of storytelling is a powerful tool for children to explore their creativity, emotions, and the world around them. We can open the doors to endless possibilities through fun and engaging writing prompts, encouraging them to dream, imagine, and create. 

Whether they’re crafting tales of magical worlds, time-traveling detectives, or talking animals, the key is to make the journey of writing as exciting and enjoyable as the stories themselves. Let's unleash our tween’s creativity, one prompt at a time.

Instilling your child with a love for all things literary is a gift that every child deserves. Writing their own stories will spark their imaginations and nurture their creativity. And a love for reading can transport them to different worlds, expose them to new experiences and broaden their horizons!

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