A New Chapter: Welcoming the Once Upon a Book Club Tween Box

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Here at Once Upon a Book Club, we are super duper bookishly excited to announce a transformation that is guaranteed to knock your socks off! Say hello to the OUABC Tween Box, an upgraded and more engaging version of what was once our cherished Middle Grade box. Starting April 5th, 2024, we’re turning the page to a new chapter specifically crafted for tweens.

Your voice has always been crucial to our journey. Over the past year, feedback from our dedicated Middle Grade box subscribers has been the guiding light leading to the creation of the OUABC Tween Box. We listened, we pondered, and we’re now delivering a reading experience that’s tailored to bridge the gap between childhood and the teenage years.

Once Upon a Book Club's new Tween Book Box

What's New?

More Gifts, More Joy! 🎁

Gone are the days of 2-3 gifts. The Tween Box elevates your unboxing experience with 3-5 gifts, allowing for even more surprises as you dive into the pages of your new favorite books.

Savor the Moment 📚

We understand the value of time, especially for young readers who love to linger on every page. That's why the Tween Box will arrive bi-monthly, giving young readers more time to enjoy their boxes between each shipment! 

Growing Up Together 👫

Our age range has shifted slightly to cater specifically to 9-12 year-olds, ensuring that every book and gift resonates with tweens. And, as always, our selections remain gender-neutral, celebrating the diverse interests of all readers.

An Offer You Can’t Resist 💸

With the transition to a bi-monthly schedule, the Tween Box is priced at $49.99 every other month, offering greater value and, as always, combining the joy of reading with the excitement of anticipation.

Seamless Transition

For our existing Middle Grade subscribers, you don’t need to worry; we’ve got you covered! Your journey to the Tween realm will be effortless. The first Tween box will be shipping in early May and if you're an active Middle Grade subscriber, your subscription will automatically be moved to a Tween subscription. Your first renewal for the Tween box will take place on April 15th, and going forward, Tween subscribers will be charged every other month.

Price, Renewal, and Shipping

The OUABC Tween Box is now the same price as our Adult and YA boxes. However, it is still on a different renewal and shipping schedule and is, therefore, not interchangeable with our Adult and YA boxes.

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Start a Bigger, Better Reading Journey

The unveiling of the Tween Box isn’t just about new books and gifts; it’s a celebration of growth, understanding, and the endless possibilities that reading offers. We can’t wait for your tween to step into a world where stories are the keys to unlocking the treasure boxes of imagination. With the OUABC Tween Box, prepare for a reading experience that’s richer, deeper, and more engaging than ever before.

To all our future and continuing subscribers, we can't wait for you to join us on this incredible journey. The stories are waiting, the adventures are ready to unfold, and the magic is just beginning. Welcome to the OUABC Tween Box, where every page turn is a new discovery.

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Why you will love our Tween Boxes!

Our Tween book subscription boxes are the ideal way to get your young readers excited about reading. At Once Upon a Book Club, we are all about bringing books to life and competing with technology is no mean feat, well, until our book boxes arrive.

There is something about receiving our book box; it is like having a birthday every other month. Our fun packaging and book-shaped box will delight any kid as they wait to discover the unexpected treasures of our specially selected bi-monthly story.

Every other month, your child will receive an exciting book box containing a new book, our carefully selected gifts, and so much more. Our boxes are filled with lots of extra information and activities specially designed to enhance their reading enjoyment. As the story captivates your child's imagination, they won't be able to help but feel the anticipation rise to the surface as, at last, they are prompted to open each gift at certain page numbers.

And if that wasn't enough, make sure to have a look at our custom-made bookmarks with a positive affirmation for each month and a unique coloring page. Bringing books to life through various mediums is what we do best!

We like to think of books as a wonderful way for your child to transport themselves into a new world of fun. As you know, every traveler needs a passport which is why we have created a unique Once Upon a Book Club Book Passport so they can track their adventures throughout the year.

We have three Tween subscription options, so finding the perfect solution has never been easier. Our bi-monthly, 3-box and 6-box subscriptions for kids are billed on the 15th of every month and auto-renew for your convenience.

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