5 Ways Reading Can Help Reduce Stress This 2023 Holiday Season

read to reduce stress


The holiday season is known as a time for fun and celebration, but it can also be a time when stress levels can tend to run high. From the process of organizing family gatherings to the endless hassles of buying holiday gifts, you always have plenty of reasons to stress out. With that said, reading is an activity that can actually help you greatly reduce stress levels. Today, we are going to share five ways reading can help you greatly reduce stress during this hectic and stressful season of the year.

It takes your mind away from your concerns

One of the most engaging aspects of reading is that it allows people to use their imagination. You can read a sci-fi novel and transport yourself to that reality. You could read a horror book or a drama and experience the situations that unfold as the plot thickens. 

The idea is to use reading as a way to escape reality during your reading session. This is a great way for your brain to go back to a state of calm instead of being stressed out by holiday obligations.

You can always go back to being a stressed mess once you put that book down. The good thing is that the reading session will help you get rid of accumulated stress. This means you are less likely to be blowing a gasket due to stress buildup.

It helps you achieve a higher level of mindfulness

To be here and now instead of being stuck in the past or worried about the future. That is what mindfulness represents and it has many complex layers. Given that this is a very intricate subject, there are also several ways to upgrade your mindfulness. A great way to do this is to read a book.

Some people like to practice meditation or yoga, but reading has shown to be just as effective in this process. When you read, you are able to clear your mind and lower your stress levels. Once you do this, it also becomes easier to be aware and mindful without much effort.

There are many benefits to the process of reading books, but if there is one that seems evident immediately, it has to be the level of relaxation it provides. This allows you to achieve a state of calmness that makes it easier for you to be mindful of your life and needs.

It reminds you of the value of the simple things in life

While reading brings many benefits to our lives, it is also a very simple activity that requires no effort. This is a perfect reminder that some of the best things in life are truly simple and accessible.

Many people spend their entire lives working hard and not taking the time to appreciate their journey. They are so focused on their future that they lose sight of the present. This is never a good thing because it starts to take us down the road of a very rigid mindset.

Life should always be a journey that makes us happy in as many ways as possible. It should never feel like some sort of obligation or complicated affair. Reading a good book is always a good way to bring us back to ground level and help us relax.

It helps you find connections

Sometimes we are so busy with life and with holiday activities that we start to isolate ourselves from the world. Even when we are interacting with others daily, it seems like those interactions are shallow and without any essence.

When you read a great book that offers deeply emotional content, you can find yourself experiencing more empathy and this helps you reconnect with the world. One of the biggest problems we are facing today is that we seem to be heavily connected by technology but ironically disengaged and disconnected from our spirituality.

This is the reason why reading a good book is always a great way to reconnect. Not only with the world but also with our humanity. Those who read books tend to have that extra level of self-awareness that we need in modern society.

It stimulates your creative thinking

When we are creative, we are engaged in an activity that gets rid of huge amounts of stress. This is an extremely important aspect of life, and it will create a truly outstanding result. When you read a book, you are always upgrading your creative flow.

The best fuel for a creative mind is to have as many resources to use for that creativity to expand. The more you read, the easier it becomes to experience the many emotional layers that life has to offer.

This leads to a very creative mindset and it also helps you avoid stress as much as possible. This alone makes the activity of reading extremely important in life. One that everyone should consider an essential component of their general wellness.

Why should we focus on stress reduction?

It is safe to say that the perception of stress was that of some sort of old wives tale, but it is far from the case. There is proof that stress can significantly reduce your immune system efficiency. This alone can lead to many health issues caused by weakened defenses.

That is a clear indicator that we need to make sure that we can get rid of as much stress as possible. It is that constant state of fight or flight that is constantly draining our bodies of energy and vitality. Being able to keep stress under control is essential to maintain a healthy and happy life.

Final thoughts

When you read a great book, you are allowing your mind and your body to relax and take a break from this hectic season. This is an excellent reminder of the value of reading and how we should take the time to ensure that there is room for reading in our lives.


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